Nov 25, 2014

So happy for good news

First of all, I want to start this post out by just asking for those who do, please pray for everyone involved in Ferguson.  It's a sad situation.

Now onto a positive note.  This past week I got some good news.  You all know my work situation and how sad I was when I left before I gave birth.  Honestly, we didn't really have a plan for when I gave birth.  I thought I would be home with her and job hunting all at the same time, which I am still currently doing.  But by the grace of God the people I worked with before actually asked me to come back.  Clearly I must be doing something right.  But seriously, I was happy that they asked me to come back.  This whole job situation was on top of the list of things to worry about.  I will be back on contract so as always, I will still be actively job hunting during because nothing is guaranteed but am so happy that come next week, I will be back at work. I will miss being with Sophia all day a lot, but I also knew from the beginning that I wanted to go back to work.  I actually like what I do so maybe that's why it's easier for me to go back unlike other moms who rather be stay at home mom.  It's just not for me at this moment.  If we were super rich, then maybe it would be a different story.. but we're not, so I feel more comfortable having a job because you just never know what can happen.  And again, I want to work.  We are also very blessed that my mother in law will be taking care of Sophia while we work.  So I don't have to drop her off at some strange place with strangers where she won't get 100% attention.  That makes it easier to go back to work as well.  So to start off my lists of things I am thankful for...

  1. I have a job!!! Woop Woop
  2. The 70 degree weather we had yesterday.  Sophia and I got out of this house an enjoyed a full day at the park taking in the breeze. I also brought my camera along and took some fantastic pictures.  
  3. Pancakes... because they make my belly happy.
  4. When Sadie cuddles up against me while I feed Sophia. 
  5. For the people I work with... because of them I was offered a job again and that right there I am super thankful for. 
  6. For our friends and family who have been so supportive when Sophia was born to this day. Y'all are amazing and I don't know how else I would have gone through each day without you. 
  7. Bacon... because DUH. And now I want some bacon. 
  8. My family... without them, I would be lost.  
We should be thankful everyday and not just around Thanksgiving.  I feel like people forget that.  I have in the past. But ever since Sophia was born, I find myself waking up every morning and reminding myself what I am thankful for.  Life is too precious. 

And remember my post about my first online shopping experience with clothes, well that package is suppose to arrive today so I am praying that the pants fit.  And if they do, I will be back on amazon ordering more. 


Nikki said...

Yay for having a job!

lil desiqua said...

Yay! That's excellent news! So happy for you- have a great Thanksgiving!

Jen said...

I am so excited for you!!! How could they not love working with you?! Smart people. :)

shay said...

mmm, bacon!

And that's awesome about getting your job back!