Aug 18, 2014

Things I miss While Being Pregnant

Guys, we are EIGHT MONTHS pregnant.  Holy shit.  Just let that sink in.
It feels just like yesterday I shared the news.

I am now at the point in my pregnancy where I want this to be over because I am just always uncomfortable and the feet swelling and cankles is KILLING me. Seriously, the fact that I have cankles is making me want to chop off my feet.  Also, sleeping is a freaking issue and getting out of bed is like an Olympic sport now. And at this stage, I am really missing things that I can't do/have while pregnant.  For example...

  • BEER.  I don't even drink beer often but I can't wait to crack open a bottle of Yuengling and Hard Apple Cider.  Hoping someone buys me a case of beer as a baby shower present so I can open that baby up as soon as I get home from hospital. 
  • WINE.  Because duh.  
  • COFFEE.  I drink coffee for the flavor, NOT for the pick me up like most people do.  I miss the flavor of coffee and let's face it, there are not that many good decaf coffee choices out there and they just do not taste the same.  
  • SLIP N SLIDE.  I was jealous because my sister had her slip n slide going the other weekend.  I wanted to go down that slip n slide so bad! 
  • BREATHING.  With lungs that are squished so damn high up to your boobs, breathing has become practically impossible.  I can't even go up stairs without having to stop halfway and catch my breathe. 
  • SHOES.  My feet are bigger and swollen so even wearing flats is becoming an issue.  I may have to wear flip flops for the rest of my pregnancy.  Thank goodness I am pregnant during the summer, because I don't know how woman do it during the winter.  It would break the bank if I had to buy new winter shoes to fit the big and swelling feet. 
  • SHAVING.  Being able to shave now is another Olympic sport.  The belly is in the way and I can't bend over.  This is what sucks about being pregnant in the summer because you kind of have to shave to wear shorts since it's hot out.  I can't wait till shaving my legs won't take me an hour with tons of nicks.  So over it. 
  • HEARTBURN.  Having heartburn every day on the hour is not pleasant.  I can't wait till I don't have to pop tums in every time all day long.  Oh vey. 
This is just a short list, thanks to baby brain I am pretty sure I am missing other stuff. 
What did you miss the most while pregnant? 


Jen said...

Gosh 8 months?! I swear you just announced you were pregnant. It's craziness!

shay said...

i miss the alcoholic bevvies as well! especially in the summer, i'm dreaming of a nice glass of sangria! LOL!
i also miss cold cuts, like straight up dying for an italian sub. hubby and brother have standing orders to bring me one as soon as this baby is out!

but you're getting close! baby will be out and you can indulge before you know it!

Unknown said...

I imagine I would miss Beer (especially if I was preggers in the summer), iced-coffee, soda & Sushi .... oh boy thats a bigger list then I thought HAHA!

BUT: Woohoo happy 8 Months!!!!

Britt said...

WIIIINE. I miss wine so much. Especially on the weekends when day drinking is acceptable. I do cheat once in a while have a little bit of wine or a sip of the husband's beer. I can't believe you're so close!

ME! said...

O'Douls worked for me, but no one NO ONE makes good non - alcoholic wine. I missed that. And my hip not hurting. (but that never got better....)

Julie said...

I thought a glass of wine occasionally while pregnant was okay? I've never been pregnant but that is just what I've heard from everyone else. I also heard the other day that you aren't supposed to pump gas while pregnant, which I guess because of the fumes.

But before you know it, you'll be able to indulge all you want! :)