Aug 13, 2014

All the happenings

Happy Hump day...

It's a rainy day here in Jersey but the sun is desperately trying to peek out from the clouds.

This past weekend was filled with lots of stuff going on aka the happenings.

  • Friday night we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with friends.  I really didn't think this movie was going to be good but it was great.  Hilarious as well.  
  • Saturday my sister had her slip n slide party.  Since I am 8 months (holy shit) pregnant, I was not allowed to participate in the slip n slide... BIG OLE WOMP WOMP... but I was able to catch some awesome video of everyone else and laugh my ass off.  And the last video will give you insight into why my blog title has "giggles" in it. I'm an expert in the giggling area.  

  • Also, Saturday my dog finally got groomed.  She was WAY overdue! 

  • My feet were swelling like crazy on Saturday so I used KT tape and taped up my foot. It did help with swelling and to this day I would recommend it for anyone who has an injury. 

  • Sunday we picked up my niece and nephew and took them to see the Marvel Universe Live show.  They had no idea where we were taking them so they were very surprised and excited! 

  • Shark Week... enough said.

Yesterday baby giggles was freaking me out.  Overall Sunday night and yesterday I was just not feeling great.  This whole third trimemester is starting to rear it's ugly head.  I had braxton hicks last night while cooking dinner. Scary not knowing what to expect.  By the time I finished cooking dinner, I went to lay down and put my feet up becuase my feet were so swollen and I had cankles.  Even hubs was grossed out by it.  Working all day is starting to take it's toll and it doens't help with the summer weather.  I keep telling myself just two more months to go! 

  • And because who doesn't love a cute dog picture. 


Jen said...

The slip n slide videos are awesome!! Haha. :)

Julie said...

An adult slip n slide party? How fun and a unique idea.