May 2, 2014

Things and People that are Annoying

I feel like shit today.

I have some major sinus issues, I don't know if it's from allergies or sinus infection, but waking up this morning was not pleasant. At least I only have to suffer at work for one day since the weekend is thisclose to making it's appearance.  Let's also hope on the flip side that I can knock this out by tonight so I can actually enjoy some of my weekend.

Any who, because I feel like crap I'd figure I would rant about things and people that have been annoying the shit out of me recently.  Because it's much easier for me to think about those things for this blog post feeling like shit. You're welcome.

  • People who come up with elaborate lies and have other people believe them.  What I witnessed this past week was incredible.  A slew of people believed something that was completely not true.  I had to let them know and it was amazing how certain people can be so manipulative in making up these elaborate stories. I"m assuming so this person can feel like they are important or something, but now all they look like is an idiot. Congrats. 
  • Mother nature.  She can't make up her mind if she wants it to be spring or winter.  Hence why I am probably feeling like shit.  Thanks a lot.  Mother Nature = 1; Kenya = 0. 
  • When I go to the work pantry and there is no sugar at all for my tea.  womp womp
  • When you wear a dress to work and the layer underneath clings to your body.  Wish I had some static spray right about now. Any ideas on how I can remedy this while at work with no supplies?  help.
  • Going to Target to buy one thing and walking out with a 500 bags of shit you didn't really need. 
  • Thinking about what we need to put on the baby registry. So overwhelming and I'm just annoyed I have to do it.  
  • Stretch marks. Super annoying. 

So what's annoying you recently? 


Britt said...

Dress static is the WORST. Seriously, fuck that noise.

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

The baby registry thing is a joke! People buy you what THEY want to buy you... well most people do at least. I know that when someone has a baby shower I want to buy something cool - so I get a cute outfit and a toy. Not the shit Moms really need, like diapers and nipple cream and alcohol strips for your breast milk, haha.

MarlaJan said...

Stretch marks for the win

Jen said...

Most people annoy me lol!