Apr 28, 2014

Speedy life round

So a whole week has passed without me paying attention to this blog of mine.  But I have a good reason. This was my past week

Monday - Went food shopping
Tuesday - Went to a meeting
Wednesday - Went to Red Bulls soccer game
Thursday - Went to the NYC auto show
Friday - We were suppose to go to Costco, but ending up staying in.
Saturday - Went to Costco, then headed to Philly for a Cinco de Mayo/Going Away party.
Sunday - Went shopping at the mall since hubs had a few things to pick up, then came home and food prepped for this week which took me HOURS.

 To top it off, work was a shit show that week too.... I was so freaking stressed out and so far, it's already spilled into this Monday morning.  Fun.

Needless to say I am exhausted beyond belief.  Never ever again will I do that much during a work week.  It was insane and doesn't help that the whole "feeling super exhausted" phase in my second trimester has kicked in full gear.  I would literally take 15 minute naps in the car going to and from places.  I am pretty sure I fell asleep multiple times while the hubs was having a conversation with me.

I am hoping this week is much more low key.  I just have dinner plans with the besties on Tuesday night and as of right now, our weekend is completely open.  Thank you Lord!

I have yet to put up my vacation pictures too... which hopefully i'll get to share some with you this week.

And, tomorrow morning we have a doctor's appointment and hopefully (fingers crossed) we will get to hear the heartbeat of our baby!!!!  Here's to hoping I don't cry like a little kid when I hear it.

How was your week and weekend??


Nikki said...

Girl cat naps will be your BFF! HA! I have DEFINITELY fallen asleep while talking to Mr. Big Truck because I have been so tired!

Jen said...

I hope you are able to get some rest! You have certainly earned it.

MarlaJan said...

Oh my goodness,mi got tired reading that! I hope this week you are able to take a chill pill and slow down!

Unknown said...

Oh goodness girl! SLOW DOWN! I got tired just reading your post LOL!