Dec 11, 2013


Let me tell you guys of how a crazy day I had yesterday.

First, let's start with the snow we got hit with yesterday.  Now I love a good snowfall because it looks so pretty, but having to commute to work in that is not so pretty.

But you bet your ass I took a selfie while standing outside in the snow right before I had to spend 10 minutes cleaning off my car.

That smile was quickly gone as I started my journey to get to work.  Traffic everywhere and our roads weren't even clean yet since the storm just started.  I should have known it was going to be a long drive when I wasn't even able to drive down the street without sliding a bit.  I work in a town where it is hills everywhere.  My fear has been driving to work in a snowstorm because there are two big hills I have to go up to get work.  I made it up the first hill fine but the second one was lined with cars.  We were doing the stop and go up the hill which was not easy for all of the cars.  Somehow I made it up the second hill and was relieved to finally get to work after driving for 45 minutes for a ride that is usually 30 minutes.  Not fun.

Then work was absolutely insane yesterday from the minute I got in.  This is our real busy time and I work with the email team so there is a lot going on.  It seemed like we were having fire drills every 15 minutes and when we would figure out a game plan, it would change by the time I would walk back to my desk. Craziness.  I had a really long day and haven't had a crazy day like that in a long time and I know that more days like are ahead of me. I just have to remember to do my best and not stress out too much. Easier said than done, I know!

When I finally left work I was dreading cleaning off my car again for all the snow that accumulated.  As I am walking to my car I see that there really is no snow on my car.  Woohoo was my instant reaction.  As I get closer to the car it seems like my car is just wet.  NEGATIVE.  My car was covered in ICE!  So I proceed to unlock my car and try to open the door. NOTHING.  MY DOOR IS FROZEN SHUT!!!  I then try to open the back door, nothing.  I try all the other doors and they won't open.  Now I am standing there in the freezing cold thinking "What the hell am I going to do now?!?!?"  I put my bags down and started pulling my door handle while resting my body against the car next to try to pry the door open.  I am sure people saw me looking like a total idiot but I had to get my door open somehow.  NOTHING... still frozen shut.  This is when a remote starter would have been handy, but you guessed it, I don't have one of those.  So I continue to pull onto my handle until finally it gives and OPENS.  Then I had to still stand outside and scrape the layer of ice off.

After sitting in traffic I was so glad to get home.

I had to try so hard to not open up a bottle of wine.

I can't wait till this holiday season is over so work can get back to normal!


The Peanut Program said...

eek!!!! i was relieved yesterday when i left work that all of our roads were fine. i park in a parking garage so i didn't have the ice on the car issue :(

what kind of wine did you have?? ;)

Britt said...

Yikes! I see your car covered in ice and raise you the intersection I just slid right into because I couldn't stop. Freaking snow.

MarlaJan said...

Ice on the car is the WORST!!! Down here in south jersey we didn't get hit too hard. Now Sunday was different story, we got almost 12 inches where I live, and most of it fell in less than 2 hours. I had never seen so many accidents in my life on 295.

I'm glad after all that nonsense you got home safe. cause really, that's all that matters <3

Mary Long said...

I hate when my car is frozen over like that. It usually happens when I am running late....