Nov 15, 2013

Big Time Bloggers Gone Stale

We all think it.  Why did that "big time" blogger get big and lose the integrity of their blog.   There is nothing more I hate than when a blogger becomes "big" and all of a sudden and their blog goes to shits.  Seriously, why is it so hard for people to become "big" time bloggers but continue to be true to their blog?  Why do they conform to what they think we want?  There are so many blogs that I stopped reading because all of a sudden their blog blew up and bam, just like that they crank out shitty posts after shitty posts.  What's crazy is that you see it coming because there are tell tale signs.  Some of them include:

  • They tweet their sponsorship details every five minutes.  We all see your sponsorship tab and if we wanted to learn more, we are capable of clicking on it.  But lord almighty stop telling me every 5 mins that you have a discount code for this and first people to email get this.  You make yourself sound desperate.  Stop it. 
  • Every other post is a sponsored post along with FB and Twitter updates.  It's cool to sponsor some posts.  Hey, I love getting free stuff too.  But if you are writing a sponsor post 3 times a week, you will lose followers.  We all know that you don't really like all the stuff you get.  
  • They could be wearing a garbage bag as a shirt and everyone will LOVE it. Someone please try this so I can see if my point will be proven. 
  • They only reply to certain comments. Yes you get a lot of comments, but I know some big time bloggers that still reply to my comment which is probably #76.  Even if it's a "thanks" that works.  So don't use the excuse that you get too many comments.  It's because of those comments you are where you are. 
  • They write tutorials that 5000 other bloggers have done already.  There is a thing called Google.  People use it to figure out how to do stuff.  Please don't write a tutorial that other bloggers already have written.  What would be nice is to give the credit to the person who did write it.  
  • They always seem to be in the middle of Twitter wars. I actually enjoy this sometimes because it's just so ridiculous how grown adults become middle school kids in a fight.  I will gladly grab my popcorn and see the entertainment unfold.  
  • They no longer write brutally honest posts.  We started reading your blog because you were a real person.  Now as a "big" time blogger, you sound like a robot writing everything to be politically correct.  That's not what we want, we want YOU.  
  • They sponsor link-ups and make people follow them to participate, but I am pretty sure they don't read every person's post who took the time to link up.  If you go through all the hoopla to create a link-up, then make the dam effort to visit every person's post who links up. It's rude if you don't.  And if you can't be bothered, then maybe you shouldn't be doing link-ups. 
  • They have ads pop up while you are scrolling reading their post.  Um, that's annoying and not necessary.  Trust me, NO ONE is clicking on those ads. Aint nobody got time fo dat.  

What do you hate most about those "big" time bloggers???


The Peanut Program said...

awesome post. there were a few "big" bloggers that I completely lost interest in reading due to all of these bullet points. it's sad because they were people who inspired me to blog in the first place!!!!

Jess @ Pretty Physicist said...

I completely agree. I've unfollowed a lot of "big" bloggers because they're just so boring and "ooh, look at me and give me money and give me free things". I'm over it. Give me real people that aren't trying to sell me on something.

Jen said...

I 100% agree! Some of my favorite blogs have turned into this. Makes me sad.

MarlaJan said...

Preach on, sista! This has happened to a few of my favorites, and have completely stopped wasting my time reading them!

Nikki said...

I love everything about this post! It's very true. I personally stopped following many blogs that have gone big and started cranking out just sponsor posts. Lame! I hate that shit.

Whitney Ellen said...

Well done, my friend. I do really love this post and you are so spot on with them all.

Especially pop-ups... loathe. And also I LOVE a good Twitter war more than I love reality tv.

Noor said...

Loved reading it . I hated when some of my favourite bloggers did it and sadly , I had to move over .

Vicki said...

This post is AMAZING. It should be forwarded to some of the "big" bloggers LOL.

Mary Long said...

Great points...I have a few in my list that I only check out if the name of the article interests me. That makes me sad... I don't want to be big. I like my blog how it is.

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

I agree with you- what a great post. It's really disheartening when bigger bloggers get like this!

Chloe West said...

I think I love this the most because you are so damn upfront about it. It's true, and I can definitely think of a few blogs like this. It's a bummer when they just go all commercial and don't really even write anymore. They just need to quit when it gets to that point.

Ashley said...

I love this! The link up point makes me so mad. You can easily type out "Thanks for linking up!" and not even have to read my post but at least come by and acknowledge that I spent my time to do something for your blog and link up!

Emily Anne said...

So true. If you want to see why they became "big time", you just have to go back a few years and browse the archives and it's immediately evident; not every picture was polished and edited, there wasn't a grand "point" to every post - it was just candid truth. Slowly it fades away but somehow a lot of them seem to retain followers? I don't get it really...

my fave was "They could wear a garbage bag.." haha. Too true.

Danielle @Dan In Real Life said...

haha this is hilarious and true... I haven't been all that interested in blogging until recently and so I spent a ton of time reading other people's blogs...and some of the biggest were my favorite in the beginning because I was going back and reading their old stuff...but when I started reading their daily posts it was a big let down...because's a million pictures of the blogger in the same outfit. :-/

Michael said...

For all these reasons I love being small!

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