Sep 12, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Instead of writing how awesome my past weekend was, I'll just show you in pictures.

You're welcome.

Piano playing for 2 1/2 hours!
 photo 1233451_10100514181697774_153901140_n_zps7f9a2c2b.jpg

My dad went to his very first car show with his classic car!
 photo 1277292_10100515895677944_1355226455_o_zpse9738d0e.jpg

 photo 1267542_10100515895173954_2136940088_o_zpsc5999def.jpg

The NY Giants played.
 photo 1236666_10100516109110224_1101390553_n_zps37f9f0c2.jpg

They ended up playing horribly and this is how sis-in-crime looked.  It was not a pleasant night for us at all.
 photo 1240635_10100516204524014_834780377_n_zps8f9dd988.jpg

And of course I have to sneak in a pic of Sadie and I rocking our curly hair.
 photo 1234001_10100517079395764_1784478016_n_zpsf8d67501.jpg

And even though today it's about 95 degrees here with 100% humidity, I am still confident that Fall is really coming.
 photo 1229907_10100513933235694_756282143_n_zps84401d7e.jpg


Ashley said...

I bet playing the piano was a lot of fun. I wish I had stuck with my lessons so I could actually play.

Unknown said...

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