Aug 26, 2013

Oh Hello There Monday

It's Monday today!!! Woooooo.  I know that some of you may not be happy but I am because it means I have to get up early, dressed and off to work which means I am so grateful to have a job.  When you're unemployed for 6 months, you learn to appreciate Monday mornings a bit more.

As some of you know from my twitter and Instagram, I had my 30th birthday party this weekend.  Let's just say I had to end up getting somewhat drunk so I wasn't a total bitch to my friends since you know, most of them showed up about an hour and half after the start time.  Um, my biggest pet peeve... BE ON TIME.  If you call me and let me know you're late, then you're good.  But nothing drives me more crazy than lateness.  This is no secret about me either. So, how do you fix that so you can still enjoy your 30th birthday party that you slaved over all effing day to try to make perfect?????  You crack open a bottle of wine by yourself and start drinking by yourself.

Needless to say, by the end of the night I was drunk and happy.  Liquor = best medicine.  I have a shit ton of pictures to share with you in tomorrow's blog post.  The thought of going in there and editing the pictures for the blog was so scary to me yesterday that I was like, it can wait.  I spent the whole day yesterday RELAXED and not doing anything which was glorious considering I was on the go all day Saturday.

Oh, and never again will I throw a party.  Eff that... "ain't nobody got time for dat."


Julie said...

Late is a pet peeve of mine too. Or better yet the call after they've said they would be coming that tells you they won't be. Ugh.

Hope you had a great birthday otherwise :)

Jen said...

I hate people who are late and I hate being late. I grew up with if you are on time you're late lol. Glad you still had a good time though. :)

Celia Houck said...

aww. ugh. an hour and a half late? that shiz is bananas! I think I still would have been pissed after drinking! :P

Glad you ended up having a great time anyway. :D