Aug 19, 2013

Beer, Slip n Slide, Football and Birthday Wishes Coming True

How about this past weekend.  I don't know about you but we had fab weather and I sure did have a good time.

Saturday started off with celebrating my nephew's 5th birthday party which included a DIY slip n slide.  The kids AND the adults had a blast.  Nothing is better than drinking some beer while there are a whole bunch of kids running around and screaming, then making the sound decision to go down the 50ft slip n slide.  Let's just say that the next morning, my whole body was bruised and sore. But it was totally worth it.  And my nephew of course is the cutest, as always.

 photo birthdayboy_zpsf884c498.jpg

And remember when I talked about my birthday wish list, well one of those dam wishes came true!  No, The Rock didn't show up in my house even though he still has time to, but my wonderful husband surprised me by bringing me a to music store so I can pick out a keyboard.  This isn't your Casio let's play for fun keyboard, this a legit full size Yamaha keyboard that has weighted keys so it feels just like playing on a piano.  I was totally surprised and super excited.... of course after I asked about a gazillion time "are you sure babe?? Are you sure??"  He said I wanted to get you something that you have wanted for the last two years.  I can't wait till we set up and I can start playing!

 photo keyboard_zpsebb08d62.jpg

And to end this weekend off even better, NY Giants had a pre-season game.
Thank goodness football is back.

 photo giants_zpsf6ff29e6.jpg

How was your weekend?


Jen said...

Aww how sweet of your husband!!!! :) What an amazing gift.

Nikki said...

And when is the concert?

Mary Long said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Why to go hubs on the piano!

Allison said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

And I'm so glad football season is back too! :)