Aug 5, 2013

A New Week

Here we are on a Monday again.  This Monday starts the 3rd week at the new job.  I like it so far.  I have a couple of projects which is nice.  Still a lot to learn.  But some things are frustrating such as...

  • Still not having a desk
  • Still not having a phone, since I have no desk
  • Still not having a computer, since one I am using now is a loaner laptop because I can't get a desktop since I have no desk to put it on. 
This isn't something you think you would encounter your third week at the new job.  The first week I sat at someone's desk who was on vacation.  Then the week after, today and tomorrow I have been in an office with 3 other freelancers.  But the department that uses this office has a new freelancer coming on Wednesday so I am getting kicked out.  My manager is on vacation so Wed - Thurs. I will be sitting at her desk.  After that, I have no idea if I will even have a desk let alone if anyone knows whats going on considering my manager is gone this whole week.  

It's beyond frustrating because I can't even store the loaner laptop I have anywhere along with my notebook and pen.  I have been stuffing it in the other freelancers cube for the time being because we are not allowed to leave it out in plain sight without a lock and I sure as hell ain't dragging this laptop home with me every day.  

What makes it worse is that all of the other new hires who started the same day I did, all have cubes already with computers, phones and even their name plaque on their desk. 

But here I am, work homeless being bounced around.  I am the weird girl that people keep seeing sitting in different spots.  I can't even make friends with my desk neighbors because I don't have any. LOL

But they say I have to be patient.  We will see what happens next Monday when I come in at 8:30 and have no where to sit.  That should be loads of fun.

Stay awake my blog friends and be grateful you have a work desk. 

PS. Thank you to all who have sent out tweets, comments and emails with words of support for my uncles passing.  I am so grateful for all of your prayers.  Today is the funeral but because I just started this new job I was unable to be there this morning my family.  We paid our last respects yesterday and it was tough but also nice at the same time to be with family I don't usually get to see.  So again, thank you for all of your prayers.  My family and I greatly appreciate it.  

To Alexa, Raff and Tyren... thank you once again for being there for me and my family yesterday. I am truly blessed that God put you in my path.  It was so comforting to see you there and to feel at ease.  It helped so much. I love you guys with all my heart.  So glad that from friends you became my family. Love you. 


KT said...

Aw man, I hope they find a home for you soon! When I started my job, I started as a "floating" secretary - it's the norm in big law firms apparently - so for a few months every day I sat somewhere different. Very frustrating, so I understand completely!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness. That would be really annoying. I hope you can get a desk soon!

Julann said...

Why do you not have a desk? The company I am at now, has done this to several people and it really sucks.