Jun 11, 2013

Work Trip for Hubs Means Getaway Time for All of Us

Hubs had a conference to attend to for work down in Atlantic City.  Being the wonderful hubs he is, he looked into making it into a mini getaway for all of us to go with him.  He found a pet friendly hotel and I was sold.  So we packed the car last Wednesday and took the 2 hour trip down to AC.

Sadie was just excited that she was coming along with us!

 photo sadiecarseat_zps05a7ff99.jpg

We checked in and the hotel was so awesome that they even gave Sadie some gifts!!!

 photo hotelgifts_zps74fc2747.jpg

Hubs was going to be in the conference from 8-4 on Thursday so in the morning Sadie and I headed out to the boardwalk to get some exercise in and check it out.

 photo Sadieboardwalk_zps84b6becb.jpg

It was HOT with the sun beaming down on us and Sadie and I walked for a good 4-5 miles.  Little did we know that Sadie was NOT allowed on the boardwalk.  There are rules posted alongside (which we didn't see until later that night when we went with the hubs on boardwalk) that dogs are not allowed between Memorial Day and Labor Day. OOOPS.  So, on this getaway, Sadie and I committed a crime :::GASP:::: .  In my defense, we passed several police officers and no one said anything, instead they came up to us to say hello to the cute dog that Sadie is.   But, we definitely got to enjoy a beautiful day in AC.

 photo ACbeach_zpse2cf410a.jpg

And the hotel was awesome and so accommodating with being pet friendly.  I recommend anyone with a dog to stay at the Showboat hotel in AC.  They are the best.  Just take a look at Sadie and how much she enjoyed our room...

 photo sadiewindow1_zps7893f8aa.jpg

 photo sadiewindow2_zpsc83495b9.jpg

It was a perfect little getaway for hubs and I.  We didn't win big in the casino, but that's OK. Hopefully next time we will.

At night it was so windy that it was cold outside.  So hubs and I decided to take one of the rolling chairs to get to Caesars hotel which was all the way the opposite end of boardwalk. I was happy since I had no sweater!

 photo rollingchair_zpsfaaf2f7f.jpg

And we enjoyed every bit of it.

And to top it off, hubs surprised me by saying he bought us tickets to go see Andrea Bocelli's concert tomorrow!!!!!!!

I am one lucky woman to have this man in my life.  Love him so freaking much.

 photo hubsandi_zps81624bf9.jpg


KT said...

Awww! looks like all three of you had a great time!

Jen said...

What a fun time and Sadie looks so happy! :)