May 16, 2013

Here am I

Here am I...

  • Home from an interview today that the job sounded like it would be a perfect fit, except for salary. You know when you get that feeling that as soon as you walk into a place you tell yourself, oh I can see myself here.  Well that was the case with this interview, but what I failed to realize was that it was an entry level position which is not where I am at.  But I enjoyed talking with the person about the position and company. Guess you never know... maybe something down the lines will come along and he will remember me. 
  • Making some lunch before I head to the gym.  
  • Still with the same number of followers and not much hate mail after my last post about fur mamas celebrating Mother's Day.  Y'all are awesome and thanks for the support. 
  • Looking at my dog Sadie laying out on the couch as if she had a long hard day.  I think she is getting used to me being unemployed so she can lounge on the couch all day. 
  • Trying to be a wife, fur mama, sister, daughter and friend and lately I have not been balancing those areas so well.  Time to re-focus. 
  • Just aching to start working in the marketing field to let my creative juices flow!!!  
  • With watery eyes, and stuffy nose thanks to allergies that seem to be kicking everyone's butt lately. 
  • happy being ME. 
Happy thirsty Thursday my friends.  Get your drink in. 


Ashley said...

A shame the job didn't pan out... who knows maybe they'll call back with a better offer!

Britt said...

Ughhh that sucks about the interview! I've definitely had that...everything was there and it seems like a great culture fit and then boom, entry level. Something will come along soon!

Vicki said...

Ugh these allergies need to go away!!! Sorry the job didn't work out! :(

Nikki said...

Love your face your an awesome friend dont let no one tell you any different.

Great English right? I know be jealous!

Anonymous said...

I hate that feeling. I'm sorry it didn't pan out. I'm sure you're tired of hearing "Chin up!" and all that fun stuff, so instead I say go HAM at the gym!

Jen said...

I am so tired of allergies! They are awful, hope yours go away!

lil desiqua said...

I totally missed the Mother's Day/fur mom drama... but I think it's awesome that you said something about it! And sorry about the job. Just means there's something better in store for you! Have a great weekend!

Shanny said...

Bummer about the job but like you said, you never know what could happen down the line...

These allergies are killing me too! If it was only me I suppose I could survive it but the kids and hubby are all cry-babies with it, boo to allergies :(

Unknown said...

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