Apr 18, 2013

Zumba, Hip Hop, Latin Heat and Kickbox Cardio - I AM DOING ALL THESE CLASSES!!!

I am on a ROLL.... I have started to go back to the gym and got over my fear of attending a fitness class.  Well, I can't be stopped now.  I already talked to you about the Zumba class I took for the first time at the gym.  So, let's talk about the Hip Hop class I took on Tuesday night.

This hip-hop class was at 9pm so it wasn't super packed which was nice.  We all had more than enough room to shake our booties.  Now, I go there thinking it is going to be all these "dancers" who know how to dance already (aka dancing at the club) and surprisingly it was a mix of woman.  At this class, there were no men which I thought was weird, but the men would rather stare at us through the glass doors instead of coming in and joining the class.  It's as if they don't understand that they CAN get a better look of our boobs and asses if they came into the class which has mirrors everywhere, DUH... wait, where was I? Oh right... hip hop class... Well, there were YOUNG and OLD and in the MIDDLE ages.  It was so funny to see the group of us, talk about melting pot.  Best part, some of the old woman were able to shake their hips and get down LOW... like REAL LOW. Better than me.  And when I say old, I am talking mid 50s and some white hair.  That shit was hilarious and also awesome for motivation.  My goal was to shake my ass and body better than the old woman next to me.  Oh yeah, and I learned some new moves that I can use at the club (because I secretly want to be 21 again) or even in the bedroom.. Yep, I said it. Oh snap!  Needless to say I came home pumped and excited and couldn't shut up about how much fun I had at the class. I am excited to go again.

So, here am I scouring the schedule of classes to see what else I can try so I can figure out which classes I like and get a schedule down.  Today I will be trying a Latin Heat class and tomorrow I will be trying the kickbox cardio class.  I am so excited.

BUT, let me tell you, getting back into shape is no joke.  I did Zumba on Monday night and then Tuesday night I did the hip hop class. Each class is an hour of INTENSE (a.k.a. Kenya could barely breathe and almost dropped to the floor) workout.  My body when I woke up yesterday literally just said "eff this, I NEED a break fatso."  I dragged myself out of bed cursing every bone and muscle in my body.  I know the pain is a good sign and I know it's going to be there.  So, I am dealing with it... but no one said I can't complain to infinity about it, because I will until I get used to it.  All I need is a full time massage therapist and I will be set.

Not sure the hubs would welcome that bill into the house.


R's Rue said...

Good job!
You are too funny!

Jen said...

You are on a roll!!! If I lived close to you I would totally go with you haha.

Julann said...

Good job!! Your body will accept it sooner or later, don't give it the choice to quit

Ashley said...

Keep up the good work!

Hodson said...

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