Apr 4, 2013


Happy Thursday!

Holy crap, it's Thursday already?!?!?!  Geez this week has flown by.

Yesterday, hubs and I went to the NYC auto show with a group of friends.

 photo meautoshow_zps9575b170.jpg
Ready for auto show 

I was super excited, really because I was going to get a chance to buy me the peanuts!!!  I am OBSESSED with these peanuts.  They are so good... horrible for your health probably... but SOO SOOO GOOD.

 photo nuts4nuts_zpsf406355d.jpg
Nuts 4 Nuts cart in NYC

 photo peanuts_zps507537b8.jpg

Seriously, these peanuts are like GOLD to me.  Hubs bought 5 bags... so far I have consumed 2, in one day!  Eeeek.

We had a great time at the auto show.  I enjoy going.  Plus, I got to see three cute and adorable little girls who make me smile all the time!

And, I saw this beauty and soley want it ONLY because it's my fave color, purple!

 photo purplecar_zpsf4535111.jpg
Purple Challenger

I want that car!  Matches my blog design.

Oh, and apparantely we have an invisible man in our house OR the hubs literally took his shoes off and LEFT THEM RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE!!!!!

 photo hubsshoes_zpse38e35dd.jpg
invisible man shoes

Ugh... husbands.


Ashley said...

I'm so hungry right now! Give me! LOL.

Anonymous said...

haha. We have about 347587669858 invisible man shoes. I ALWAYS trip over them!

Anonymous said...

My son walks in door and takes his shoes off right there. Drives me crazy!

Nikki said...

Do I need to throw down with hubs?

Shanny said...

Ha, the shoes thing...

Hubby always does this. I've tried putting them in his way to see how he likes tripping but of course he never does lol