Apr 29, 2013

Monday Rambling Because I Can

Oh hello there bloggy loves!

I hope your weekend was as fab as ours.  We had a blasty blast.  On Saturday, we got to go to Medieval Times and cheer for the green knight.... which lost.  WOMP

Sunday the hubs was on call so I headed to my friends house where we were having a MonaVie meeting.  As a result of that meeting, I am now a Health Recruiter and pretty excited about that.

I have been hitting the gym hard.  It literally takes 2 weeks for you to create a habit and I am hooked now. I have had weight loss and nothing feels better than knowing all that hard work is paying off.  I need to work on eating choices to boost the weight loss, but I am at a happy place now.  I did however sprain my wrist last week while in Zumba class. I did get made fun of a bit because who sprains her wrist during Zumba?!?!?! Well, I do.  And you know what, at LEAST I can say I sprained it by going HARD at Zumba and not just doing the minimum. So yeah, there's that.  Go hard or go home.  AND don't forget, I take a high cardio hour long fitness class (Zumba, Latin Heat, Hip Hop, etc) for 5 days straight. None of that Zumba once a week thing. Again, I am going HARD because to me, that's the only way to go.  My legs disagree with that statement though. Ha!

Today it is a rainy day here in Jersey which makes me rant about...

  • Everyone seems to forget how to drive their car in the rain. They either go too damn slow or too fast. Get your shit together and just drive!
  • Walking the dog sucks major ass.  There is nothing worse than standing in the rain while your dog decides to sniff every lawn we pass while you are praying that she pees and poops so you can delay the next walk outside. 
  • Going from a 70 degree sunny day yesterday to a rainy 50 degree weather today. I have the blues.  Sads.
  • Because of this rainy weather, I am now inside while blogging and eating lunch watching Teen Mom.  Not going to lie, this is not a bad thing. Go ahead and judge. 
  • I just had the most amazing lean cuisine meal. It was the ranchero beef with sweet potatoes mash.  Delish! 
  • I may take a nap before cleaning up this apt. 
  • We are going to Costco today and you have no idea how happy this makes me.  I love that place.  But I am more excited to get a big ole bag of Spinach because I am on a spinach salad kick. 


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Deidre said...

How awesome that you have so many classes available. I've never tried zumba but I think I'd really like it.

Jen said...

I love Medieval Times and I hate how rain makes people stupid!

Ashley from The Kitchen-Sink Chronicles said...

There is nothing worse than wet dog. Ick. I hate when it rains because that's all my house smells like. Fur-mom problems!

Nikki said...

I know you know this but......


Keep up the good work.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I feel like the green knight is ALWAYS losing. So frustrating! Let me guess, he lost to red? This weather... oh it makes me so mad! Although I did lay out in the sun Sunday and I got some color so I'm happy over that.