Mar 15, 2013

This took place in literally 5 mins....

my thoughts....

  • What on earth should I make for dinner tonight?!?!?
  • I am so glad I bought that Moroccan Argon oil for half off.. .that shit works real good with my hair.
  • Where's the dog?
  • SADIE, SADIE... oh, there you are right next to me. 
  • I can really go for a pina colada right now... should I run to the grocery store to buy the stuff to make it for myself?
  • I probably shouldn't  be day drinking during the day at home by myself. Doesn't look good. 
  • Did the Sadie pee when I took her out?  Sadie, did you pee outside?
  • Why is it so freaking cold outside... where the hell are you Spring?
  • I am so glad I found a dress for the party on Sunday. 
  • Why do I have major heartburn right now... ugh this sucks. 
  • I'm tired.. .maybe I can take nap before the hubs comes home.
  • What the hell do I make for dinner. 
  • Dogs sure do sleep a lot... there's Sadie again knocked out. 
  • I think I am going to take a nap. 


Jen said...

Bahaha! I swear you and I are so much alike. We are a blogger match made in heaven. Especially the pina colada part. ;)

Heather said...

I love this lol! It's right in line with my typical thought processes!

Much love

KT said...

LOL you are hilarious!

Ashley said...

Dogs have the most awesome lives!

Shanny said...

I freaking loved it. I could hear the conversation in my head as I said it myself... Awesome funny thoughts :D

Nikki said...

ADHD at its finest!