Feb 27, 2013

What what!

  • I get such joy when Finding Nemo is on!!!  I always tell myself during tough times "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming".  Trust me, it works! 
  • This chick at the car dealership today thought she was someone else, twice.  The guy comes out and says a name and she jumps up and says yes that's me.  The guy said the name again and she again replied yes.  Then he said I spoke to a male  before, then she asks for the name again and that's when she says "oh  no that's not me".  What the heck?  Humans are weird.
  • What the heck do you do with washi tape?? I have seen that stuff all over blog world, but have no idea what you actually use it for?  
  • Why haven't they made a Finding Nemo 2 yet? Seriously.
  • I just picked hubs birthday present... I am excited to give it to him! 
  • Hubs is going to be 30 on Friday!  And I will be having a party for him on Saturday.... so excited.
  • Any of you have a good appetizer recipes? Please share!
  • About 10 mins ago I thought of something to add to this random post, and I completely forgot.  All I know is that it was good.  le sigh
  • The movie "Jumping the Broom" is pretty funny
  • I am loving the show called Chicago Fire.  Anyone else watch?  Severide is HOT!!! He can come put my fire out anytime.
  • My dog is currently laid out on our bed... as if she had a long day. 
  • I love random posts like these..... puts my mind at ease.


Jen said...

Haha what a weird lady! People are strange.

Julann said...

I love these type of post. I try to do one a week, fills up a spot and I have so many random things going on that are not enough for a full post, but I want to share. Monsters Inc is by far my fav Disney movie!

Shanny said...

Random is good!
Hey, no messing with Sadie... you just don't understand how tough a dog's life can be. Let her rest! lol

Ashley said...

Humans are weird... Haha. How do you not know who you are?!

My favorite appetizer is "coyboy sushi". Take a whole pickle, smear in cream cheese, wrap in Buddings beef, and slice. Amazing!

Unknown said...

I love Chicago Fire! Did you know the guy who plays Severide is dating Gaga?!

lil desiqua said...

I love Finding Nemo and Jumping the Broom! There dedfiitely needs to be a #2! I'm currently watching This Means War- such a cute movie! Love Reese Witherspoon!