Feb 6, 2013

My feet haven't fallen off yet

So I'm on vacation in good ole Orlando, FL.

Which means = Disney parks

On Monday, we went to 3 parks.  Yes 3 as in all in one day.  From 10am till 11pm we were walking, running, riding coasters and eating.  It was EXHAUSTING.  But we had such a blast and made it through the day.  How we made it, I have no idea.  I wasn't even sure I was going to make it through the door when we got back to the town home.  I would have been perfectly fine sleeping in the car at that point. My feet didn't know how to function anymore.  The whole concept of putting one foot forward then the other one and repeat was so foreign to my mind.  But I made it to our room and on the bed.  And I didn't wake up till about 11am the next day.  And guess what?  I still felt like crap. My legs had no idea what hit them!  Here we are, two days later and my legs still hurt.  Ugh.

But, want to know what's more annoying?  A crowd of about 25 European 15 years old in Disney chanting ALL THE EFFIN TIME.  I have learned that the thing to do for Europeans is to fly your child and her closest 25 friends to Disney to celebrate a "sweet 15".  They had a private tour guide, fast passes for all attractions and were obnoxious.  They chanted ALL THE TIME, you can hear them from the other side of the park.  They chanted while waiting on lines.  That got old very fast. I was so happy when the cast member (employee) came over and told them there was  no chanting on lines.  Thank God but I couldn't even hear myself think.  And to the parents of these 15 year olds... how in the hell did you think it was OK to spend at least $5,000 for EACH CHILD to come to Disney as VIP guests for a freaking sweet 15 birthday celebration? How about giving them a party and donating the rest to a worthy cause? Seriously, 15 year olds don't need all that crap... that's how they become future reality stars for the show Real Housewives.  Have you seen that show? Trust me, you don't want your child on that show because they just look stupid.

OK, end rant.  I am going to finish my cup of coffee and savor this wonderful weather we are having here before we leave to the cold world of NJ tomorrow.

Peace out my bloggy peeps!


Ashley said...

I have a very low tolerance for kids so that would have driven me bonkers as well!

Jen said...

I don't mind little kids, it's teenagers that drive me crazy. I probably would have lost my mind.

Shanny said...

Eeeek! chanting all the time? oh no, nope not cool. Spending all that $$ on 15yr olds? And then you wonder why they'll grow up irresponsible and arrogant and idiots. Bright future for that European family.

So anyway, glad your feet is still on ;)