Jan 24, 2013

Holy Freakin Moly I Won

Um... I am beyond excited today.
First, the hubs surprised me with a Galaxy Nexus phone!!! WINNING.  My old phone just kept not working right... it was my 5th replacement from Verizon.  Clearly I picked a loser of a phone, the one that NOT all the cool kids had.   So, hubs was so kind to surprise me today with a new phone!!!

 We had to run to Verizon to get my new phone activated.  The nice lady does her thing and as we are walking out, my email starts to sync back up and the my blog email was  being FLOODED with emails.  Want to know why?

Because this awesome blogger, Taylor from The Daily Tay hosted a wonderful January giveaway and I WON ALL THE FREAKING PRIZES!!!!


I was literally in shock... I think I still am... that I won all of those goodies.  Like, at first I thought I was dreaming, but it turns out I was not.

I have been jumping for joy in my apartment like a little kid who was just told they are going to Disney. (what's funny is that I will be in Disney next week, DOUBLE WINNING!).

You all need to make sure you go check out her blog because she will make you laugh.  She's just awesome.


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

OMG!!! Congrats!! So excited for you!!! You deserve that prize (s)...and the new phone!

Jen said...

Woo hoo! You really deserved to win! :)

Britt said...

That's amazing! Congrats :)

Ashley said...

Congrats! Who doesn't love freebies! :)

Shanny said...

Woot woot!!!
Yay for winning and for the phone, go hubby! Congrats ;)