Dec 10, 2012

Today I work at 50% and don't feel like I'm about to pass out.

Good morning my bloggy peeps.  I am so happy to wake up to this rainy Saturday Monday morning. (I totally wrote Saturday, clearly my head is somewhere else).  Why am I happy?  Because it means I survived the weekend.

It was no secret that last week I was sick ALL week.  Well, Saturday I had a party that I planned along with my other friend. It's tough work being the hostess and handling all the preparations. Thank God for the person who created Dayquil because that is the only way I was able to get through the whole day.

Then Sunday morning came.  It punched me in my face.  I felt like I got run over my a truck, over and over again.  I was out of commission. Talk about holy sickness.  I guess the running around and trying to fight off this nasty cold caught up to me.  Being all over the place on Saturday didn't help either. So I was in bed literally all day yesterday.  After 5pm I ate some dinner then laid lifeless on the couch all day. Not sure if I have the flu bug or not, but man oh man I felt like ultimate crap yesterday.

I woke up still feeling sick today, but I am able to actually walk around without feeling like I am going to pass out.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will be at 80% because we have our NJ Bloggy meet-up!!!!!  WOOHOOO.

A glass of wine will DEFINITELY help me feel better tomorrow. Make sure anyone who is the in the area come join us!

blogger meet up

Now I am going to get some more tea and actually work at work today.  I have to be SOMEWHAT productive today... but I already told my boss I am working at 50% today.

Happy Monday!


Julie said...

My stepsister and niece were both hit and diagnosed with influenza B. Something's going around the entire US and it stinks!

Erin said...

Ughhh- being sick is the WORST! Especially around this time when everyone is busy with holidays and parties and get togethers. Rest up and get better ASAP girl :)

Jamie Hirujo said...

I'm sick too! We can sit in the corner @ shannon rose tomorrow away from people LOL

Shanny said...

Crazy how long this sickness is going on, I am now better after 2 1/2 weeks, eek! I hope this is your turning point and I hope most of all that you do enjoy that glass of wine and that you have some much needed FUN!

Jen said...

Wow I can't believe that you still aren't feeling 100%. Hope it happens soon!