Dec 27, 2012

I am still in my pj's

Hello my lovelies!!!!

I sure do hope your Christmas was good.  Ours was great. Spent it with my family laughing my ass off and eating way too much.  But the best part is that after Christmas, both hubs and I are on vacation from work till Jan. 2nd!!! 


So, yesterday we stayed home all day, in our pj's.  I didn't even take a shower.  We ate breakfast that I cooked around 11:30am.  I busted out the baddest breakfast you could ask for.  I made eggs, taylor ham (I'm from Jersey, it's the best!), bacon, sausages and toast.  I think I used every pan I own. Talk about multi-tasking.

Then it started to snow.  and it snowed even more.  By the time I went out to walk the dog, I had to put on my hat and snow boots because there was at least about 2 inches on the ground.  Sadie was wrapped up in her sweater too because it was FREEZING.  And I forgot to mention that it was also windy, as in 40mph winds.  Want to know what feels great?  40mph wind of snow hitting your face. It felt like itty bitty ice picks smashing into my face.  Fun!  I decided to check out Scandal, watched one episode and was HOOKED.  I watched the first whole season on Netflix yesterday.

Today, I finished watching the second season of Scandal on Hulu!  How I did not watch this earlier is beyond me.  Oh, by the way, I am still in my pj's. But don't fret, I took a shower today because at some point we are suppose to head to Walmart to return something.  We might go around 9pm.  Because we can, because we don't have to work tomorrow!!!  Ahhh... this lounging all day and not even answering phone calls is REALLY REALLY great. 

I just got caught up on blogger now.  My time these past two days was dedicated to watching Scandal, duh!

So as I sit here and think, what the hell do I blog about since I have done nothing these past two days but eat and lounge in my pj's all day, I thought of a list of things that make me go hmmmmm...

  1. Do people REALLY like the signature Luis Vuitton bags??? Seriously?  To me, it's the color of the UPS trucks and reminds me of poop.  There is nothing pretty about it.  And I have never seen different styles of their bags, because it seems everyone loves the UPS poop color. Weird.
  2. People were posting on FB that Christmas isn't about material things and that we should value the real meaning of Christmas.  But then they buy the whole freaking toy store for their kids and brag about the wonderful presents they received.  Um, if you felt that way, then how about scaling back on gift giving?  Kids don't need 20 gifts.  Seriously. Save your money.  And you also don't need to make your husband or wife go crazy shopping for you for the latest and greatest gift so you can show off.  Stop it. You are making yourself look like a fool and people are talking about you. Sad.
  3. So glad I won't be seeing anymore elf of the shelf pictures.  Am I the only one who is creeped out by them and will NOT get it for our future kids???
Ok, I am done. I need to do some more catching up on your blogs.

Also, I am thinking of doing a Vlog for you all.  WINE will definitely be involved to "loosen me up".  What shall I vlog about?


Julann said...

Those bags make no sense to me other than to scream "look how stupid I was to spend over $1,000 on a purse!"

And yes, that elf is creepy, with that evil grin, I am so thankful my kids are too old to buy into that stupid crap. Mine would be caught drunk puking in the toilet!

Glad you are enjoying your vacation.

Kathryn said...

I watched season one of scandal last Saturday. Can't wait to see season two. And I'm glad there's no more elf on the shelf pictures too. Enjoy your vacation!

KT said...

I'm on vacation this week too! woop!

It's funny - my sister didn't buy an overamount of gifts for her kids this year because of the dog, but they still got some nice stuff - and what did they play the most with?


Yes, even my video-game addicted nephew who got the WiiU, was more into the DOG than the video games.

This is the same sister who does the "Elf On The Shelf" with her kids (who are 9 & 7) because "it gets them out of bed". Know what else gets them out of bed? DISCIPLINE. Ha!

Jen said...

Those bags are awful!!! I have never understood the appeal.

Nikki said...

I'm with you on the LV bag! I am not a fan of them! The Elf is a creepy bastard and needs to hide till the next time the Myans decided that the world is gonna end! Glad you are having a nice relaxing vacation with Hubbs! Miss your face!

Ashley said...

I can't designer bags... and that elf is creep-tastic!

Shanny said...

No LV bag love over here. No elf on the shelf love here. No 20 gifts for the kids either, we did buy them ONE thing to share because it was on sale when we went Xmas shopping for other family kids and it was only $15, & technically it's a gift for the 4 of us cause it would keep them busy so we can watch TV #winning

Speaking of TV... Guess I should check out Scandal,lots of friends like it...hmmm

Madison said...

I don't like the LV signature print that they use for their bags. I'd never buy one no matter what the color. If they had an awesome purse in a solid fabric instead of the print I may consider it.

Ugh, the meaning of christmas argument! what is the real meaning of christmas? I have yet to hear someone give me a decent answer. It's always some BS about family but then the so called family gets annoyed when you can't drive across the country to make it or don't give them $xxx amount in gifts. I mean, c'mon. Bah, I'm just over Christmas. To me it's a commercial holiday and I treat it as such. But those who don't want to think about it that way, then they shouldn't act like it is!

SkyMommy said...

I'm in total agreement with you about the elf. Of course I say this with just an fetus so who knows if my tune will change in a couple years. I can only hope that the fad will have worn off by then.

Celia Houck said...

LOL the more I read your blogs / tweets the more I love you.

The LV bags, hmm well I haven't really looked at them. Its kinda like Coach, I didn't like it with all the CCCCCCCCC everywhere but when a friend of mine was carrying a solid black clean purse I needed it and found out it was Coach, THEN I wanted one. Hehe. I don't like busy, I like Vera, but those aren't that expensive. =))

I saw lots of people posting remember its CHRISTmas then posting 583758327582 pictures of their 573857283578325 things. Def made me go "hmm" not to say the mister and I didn't spoil each other but I didn't feel the need to post every single thing we received from every single person.

Elf on a Shelf. I WILL NOT buy this for our child. I'm an adult and that creeps ME out!

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