Oct 15, 2012

Turkey gang is after me!

So, you usually don't find turkey walking the streets of a suburban town.  Like at all, but for some reason, my town has 3 turkeys that have called it home.

Well, Saturday morning I was up at 7:30am with the dog going out for the morning walk.  We walked all the way down to the end of the street and that's when I noticed something cross the sidewalk a bit further up from us.  I thought it was the groundhog that I have seen before.  As we get closer, I realize it's a freaking turkey!  So, what do I do?  What any other person would do.

I briskly walk back to the apartment, leave Sadie in the house, grab my camera and go back out on search for said turkey.

I walk to the end of the street and there they are.  3 of them!!! These turkeys are HUGE.

gobble gobble gobble
 I start snapping away... as I inch closer and closer.  All of a sudden, the garbage truck starts to turn into our street. Guess the noise spooked one of the turkeys.... then it happens.. the turkey BOOKS it TOWARDS ME!  Like real fast... did you know how fast turkeys are on those skinny little legs of theirs?  Well, they are pretty freaking fast.  I start running down the street with the turkey right on my tail.  I am getting laughed at by the garbage truck guys.
Picture this: Me clutching my camera PRAYING it doesn't fall... in purple pajama bottoms, hubs over sized sweatshirt on and my hair looking like I have been electrocuted. 

All this happened at 7:30am.  Needless to say, I won't be getting closer to those turkeys anymore.

About two hours later, I decide to go out for a two mile walk.  The whole time I am walking, I am on the lookout for the turkeys.  When I come around the block where they were in the morning, I was relieved to not see them. Wooo... I'm in the clear! So I thought.
I turned to walk up the driveway to the apartment and stop dead in my tracks.  THE TURKEY IS IN THE PARKING LOT RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR CAR. I freak. I call the hubs and yell at him to look out the window and let me know if his two other friends are on the other side.  He says no. So I run around the other side of the building so I can get into the door without this turkey coming at me.

I get to doorway safe, but of course, I whip out my camera phone and start snapping away while the hubs is hanging out the window.  Then hubs has a light bulb moment and he is gone.  All of a sudden, while I am still standing in harms way taking pictures, I hear this pumping noise. Yep, hubs has a freaking bbgun and he starts to shoot around it so it can get out from the parking lot.  So, the turkey books it my way, AGAIN. But, he wasnt' coming at me this time. But if we did, I had one foot in the doorway for an easy escape.  I got to snap this picture:

Turkey: "I'll get you next time!"
 That turkey kept running the other way.  I was saved yet again.  But every time I leave the house now, I keep looking for him and his friends because I CONVINCED they will corner me one day and peck the crap out of me.

You better hide

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


lil desiqua said...

Hahaha! I'm glad you are safe! I've seen them around quieter towns, never ceases to amaze me though. Maybe it saw you as a safe haven, compared to a garbage truck and a bbgun?! That is one gangsta turkey!

Jen said...

Haha holy cow those turkeys are huge!!!!

KT said...

That is hilarious! I remember a wild turkey escaped from a nearby farm when I was a kid - it was in my backyard - I remember chasing that thing and it being HUGE. I'm not sure if it ended up being someone's thanksgiving dinner LOL. And I wonder where these turkeys are coming from being that you don't live in farmland USA!

Julie said...

That's hilarious!!

Shanny said...

Heeheee too funny!

meandmr.com said...

Haha I almost hit a turkey yesterday when driving! What is up with all of these turkeys?

Nikki said...

This is all kinds of awesome! I think they somehow got the memo that there's gonna be home made pumpkin pie goin down at your place soon and mother are ready for thanksgiving! Kick their askew pluck their feathers and stuff their asses!

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