Oct 23, 2012

I am a fighter

Happy Tuesday bloggy peeps!!!
Yesterday I woke up feeling like absolute crap. Like, BOTH lymph nodes on my neck swollen and painful.  I can feel my body shutting down on me yesterday.  The congestion was creeping up my nose and throat. UGH... I was determined to fight this with my Japanese sword and flying through the air in slow motion like in those movies.

So, I prepped my body to fight.  I up my dosage of MonaVie juice.  God I am so grateful I drink this stuff because it's the best natural remedy to fight off any infection in my body.  I also started drinking green tea for a little boost and also to warm up my body because I was just cold all day yesterday. 

This morning I woke up feeling better.  You know that it can go two ways... you wake up feeling like a mack truck hit you in your face, or you wake up feeling a little better.  I luckily woke up feeling a bit better.  GO ME!

So yesterday I had dinner with the besties... such a good time.  Really, those two people have been such rocks in my life.  I thank God for allowing us to meet in college. 

Today, I am up and ready to attack the world.  So ready that I am eating a tuna sandwich for BREAKFAST, yep... you read that right.  BREAKFAST... TUNA... WINNING.

And I am on my second cup of green tea. 

 Rafflecopter was being a bitch yesterday and not working. Of course this happens when I host a giveaway! GRRRR... so I extended the giveaway.  And not only by a day, but by three. So it ends on Sunday an the winner will be picked on Monday.  So, go enter my giveaway now.  You don't want to miss out, trust me!!!  And feel free to share your winnings with your host, me! Just sayin...

Happy Tuesday bloggy peeps.  Go out there and rock this day! Meanwhile, I will be fighting this cold. Wish me luck!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Julie said...

Stupid sudden change of the weather is making everyone sick! Hope you feel better soon!

lil desiqua said...

Green tea is awesome. I usually just have regular tea and honey. Feel better!

Shanny said...

Keep on fighting Darling! Glad you woke up feeling better, enjoy that tuna sandwich gosh darn it!

Nikki said...

you best not be sick for Sunday!

Jen said...

I'm glad you woke up feeling better! There is nothing worse than being sick.

Jena Roach said...

Hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun, but good for your for being proactive!