Oct 8, 2012

Cheesesteak to the face. Sleeping in the backseat.

Happy Monday bloggy peeps.  If you are at home in your pj's reading this blog post, I don't like you very much.

I am at work.  I do not get this holiday off even though it seems like everyone else and their mother is off from work. Pfff....

My weekend was JAM packed... like WHOA. 
Friday night went to my mom's house to celebrate my niece's 6th birthday! 
Kayla, the new 6 year old in town!
Let me just say that my niece is just as awesome as I am.
Aren't we the cutest. Yeah we are. Thanks!
My head was pounding like migraine may hit me hard kind of way.  So, ended the night a bit early and headed home to put an ice pack on my head and veg out in front of TV. At least I had the TV to myself since hubs wasn't home, but I felt like such crap.... I don't remember if I watched anything worth it. Ha!

Then Saturday rolled around and when the hubs woke up, we FINALLY went food shopping.  I originally had this plan for Thursday, but that didn't happen.  We literally had almost to nothing in our fridge... so we went and when I got home I made the most banging breakfast ever.  IHOP would be jealous.  We had the following:
  • scrambled egg with maple sausage bits
  • hash browns
  • biscuits
  • turkey bacon
This was the fuel we needed for a long day and night ahead of us.  We ate like champions... then I fell asleep on the couch.  fatty status right there.
That night, we headed to Philly for a friends housewarming party.  We made a pit stop to Pat's King of Steaks to pick up some cheese steaks!  They are the best in Philly. HANDS DOWN. If you say you like Geno's, we are not bloggy friends.  Just saying...  We were starving so I took a cheese steak to the face as we stood there with grease running down our fingers and arms.  But it was totally worth it.  So freaking good.  I can't wait to eat lunch today because I have another one to heat up for lunch.  I like my cheese steak wit onion wit whiz.  HEAVEN.
Going over bridge into Philly
We had such a blast.  Always a good time when we are hanging out with Carlos.  AND he even had a cotton candy machine.  And made me the most delicious chocolate drink ever... I don't know what was in it, but it was strong and GOOD.  I think we left around 2 in the morning.  Sis-in-crime came with us in the car which hubs drove there... well, she is freaking awesome as she drove back home.  It's about an hour and half drive.  I knocked the eff out in the backseat... I don't even remember leaving the parking lot.  It was so bad I used the seat belt as a pillow. No joke.  I am pretty sure hubs passed out too.  We were such a fail to help keep her awake, even though I think she was having a good time driving the hubs car.  Bless her heart for getting us home without her falling asleep as well. By the time we got home and in bed, it was about 4am.
The dog had me awake by 7. I felt bad because she was home by herself so I stayed up so she can play and get some energy out.  Well, she did.... and she also threw up three times.  Cue freak mode.  I have no idea what made her throw up, I am thinking maybe she ate something bad on our morning walk because she threw up all her food.  THANKFULLY, that was it.  She was fine last night after eating dinner.  I think she was trying to keep me on my toes.  Finally, I take her and drop her on the hubs around 11, who was still sleeping may I add, she licks the crap out of his face and all I say is this:
"She threw up three times, I'm too tired. Up since 7. I just want sleep. Good night."
I literally throw myself in the bed and PRAY that hubs will get the point that I'm done with the dog and lack of sleep right now.  He did. He got up, watched his football while i zonked out.  Woke up around 2. It felt good.
THEN, we got ready and heading out to a website launch party around 5. I will post about this tomorrow BECAUSE LUCKY YOU READERS, IT HAS TO DO WITH A GIVEAWAY!!!!! 

So yeah, that was my weekend. I am now at work being NOT productive, because let's face it, it's such a slow day here that all of our customers are off... so why work hard if you don't need to?

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


KT said...

Giveaway?! For whoopie pies? Plz?

lil desiqua said...

YES! PAT's is KING! I've done the taste test... it's so true. And I know what you mean about today- my office is so quiet I can hear a pin drop! Can't wait til quitting time!