Sep 21, 2012

Well hello Mr. Detective, my name is Mrs. Newlywed Giggles

My town had their annual "Just A Party" last night.  Guess they want to thank their residents for paying MORE in taxes and all that good stuff. 

I enjoy going every year.  It's just a fun night out to eat some good food during the weekday.  And it is within walking distance from our apt.

We have this detective that dresses up as Batman to promote no crime and be a role model for kids. It's actually pretty neat.  He has batmobile and all people.  BUT, this year, his batmobile AND costume has been upgraded from cute old friendly look to BADASS mother effer.  Yeah... I said it.
So here's proof:

I promise you that I'm not that white. I look like a freaking ghost.  But hey aren't you jealous that I have my arm around hot detective Batman...yeah you are... BE JEALOUS.

HELLO BATMAN.... want to handcuff me?
Yeah.. I just wrote that. You were thinking it.  Come on, he is a detective so he probably wears suits all the time AND he gets to wear batman outfit?  YES PLEASE.

My hubs is probably shaking his head at me right now. Sorry babe, XOXO.

ANYWAYS, are you done drooling? Yeah, good. So, I also got to have some good food, ice cream AND cotton candy. 

I look like I am five years old... but it's OK. Better to look younger than older right?

And the plus of living in a town where almost everyone is Italian is that there were about three carts selling these:

All in all, it was nice to go to the party, change up our weekday routine. And what made the night even better was that the Giants won.  WOOP WOOP

So, this morning my dog made me just fall in love with her all over again.  Seriously, how cute is she here:

And I was also bored on my conference call today at work and decided to take pictures. Lucky you I am going to share them with you.  I know, you are SO welcome.


HAPPY FRIDAY BLOGGY PEEPS... go out there and tell someone they are beautiful and awesome. 

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~