Sep 19, 2012

So What!!!?!!?!!?!!

So What Wednesday

Did the title scream at you? Good.

I am saying So What today to....
  • if wearing these new 4 inch heels hurts like a bitch on the toe I had surgery on. Doc said I would be able to wear heels again, so I am going to MAKE this toe bend the way it NEEDS to so it can conform to my new hot boots.
  • if I haven't done laundry since we came back from vacation. ooops.  Sorry hubs.
  • if I haven't posted the pics from our family reunion AND vacation. I swear I will do this this weekend.
  • if I had an iced coffee every day for 4 consecutive days.  Don't judge. I am addicted.  In my defense, I didn't buy one today.
  • if I really really want to hire a cleaning person to come in and do an overhaul on my apt.
  • if I say things that some people don't like and assume I am talking about them. Just remember, when you assume, you just make an ass out of yourself, and NOT me.
  • if I spent about 2 hours just installing my new layout, not like I had to create the HTML either. Imagine if I did a design myself? oh lordy, it would be weeks!
  • if I am in a snarky mood today. It's OK to have good and bad days.
  • if I talk with a southern accent sometimes and have no  idea where it comes from.  Go ahead and make fun of me REAL LIFE FRIENDS, it's a part of me so it stays.
  • if I am super duper excited to wear my cowboy hat I bought in Texas for a rodeo and chili cook off we are going to this Saturday and that I plan on wearing pig tails and hopefully find myself a flannel shirt.
  • if I blog.  I love it. The end.
What are you all saying So What to today?

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Lindsey said...

4 inch heels?! I'm impressed. I can barely wear one inch!

Beautifully Quirky said...

I sometimes say Ya'll, which is so southern but I grew up in Jersey. Must rubbed off from my visits to Virginia Beach to see my inlaws lol

Julie said...

I think the cowboy hat, boots and pigtails sound cute! Hopefully you post a pic :)

Nikki said...

Rock them boots and pig tails gril!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

HAHA - I totally do the southern accent thing too! :) I think it's just from my desire to move down south! Love your blog, I'm a new follower from the Wednesday Walkabout! :)

Julann said...

So, I didn't buy one iced coffee today either, I bought two. And did the same yesterday and Monday. It is how I function.

Jamie said...

Is is ok if I stay in bed for my daughters ENTIRE nap today instead of doing chores? I sure hope so. :)

Thanks for joining our hop!

lil desiqua said...

I once bought a plaid flannel shirt because my friend said we were going to a country bar- I would've totally worn a cowboy hat too if I had found one! SO WHAT! Haha, love this!