May 9, 2012

You suck FedEx

Dear FedEx, when you say guaranteed delivery by 3pm, you are suppose to actually deliver by 3pm. When I call to ask of said package after 3pm, you are suppose to know exactly where the package is and what went wrong, not say, well, looks like it's not out for delivery. No sit Sherlock. I am NOT suppose to ask you if you can figure out where the package is and how fast you can get it here since you... clearly messed up. You are suppose to do that on your own, BECAUSE IT IS YOUR DAMN JOB. You suck FedEx, and you better get my package to me by 5pm today or 9am tomorrow. Because I will call back and say not so lovely things to you. I know God will forgive me after so trust me, I will throw up words at you that you never knew existed.
ok, rant over.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

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Unknown said...

I hate that stuff. Ugh! Sorry lady :(