May 10, 2012

Random Musings - Move to the south?

Here it goes....

  • Today is a great day because I am happy with the decision I made yesterday.
  • It is beautiful here in Jersey!!!!!  Finally after all the rain
  • I am rocking the curly hair today.  It feels good to finally make peace with my natural curly hair.
  • I am loving Instagram's #photoadaymay.... it's so much fun!  Follow me at newlywedgiggles
  • I want to get a tattoo.  This is randmom because I was always totally against tattoos... but I saw this and want to get it: 
  • I am excited for a date night with the hubs tonight.  We always get invites for free movie screenings and today we got one!  The hubs and I love going to the movies, so this just makes us happy... and free movie!  woop woop
  • I use the phrase "Oh Snap!" way too much, but I don't care.  Then I get really into and steal the hubs phrase "BOOM SNAPS"
  • I NEED to get my nails done.  A fill in was needed a couple of days ago.  Praying a nail doesn't come flying off!
  • I STILL haven't figured out what to do for my mom on Mother's Day.... eeeeek!
  • My cell phone has crapped out ONCE AGAIN.  I am on my third replacement..... ugh. Thank goodness it has been under warranty and no extra money out of  my pocket.
  • I might, just might go to an iPhone after the experience I have been having with my Droid phone. ::sad face::
  • Since I am getting laid off at the end of the year, I am seriously contemplating on moving out of NJ and going towards the south. freinds probably don't think this will happen, but they might just have a rude awakening.
  • Anyone live in the south who would be willing to tell me how awesome it is where you live?
  • Anyone live in the south who woudl be willing to help me out wtih finding a job?  SERIOUSLY BLOGGY FRIENDS... I have six years of experience in Marketing.  Contact me.
  • I wish I can blog as my job.  It's so much fun!
  • I am so grateful for my life.  Must remind myself how lucky I am to have what I have. 

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

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