May 29, 2012

Bugs bugs bugs... and hotness

Hello bloggy friends!!!!

Man, I am PUMPED today!  We had such a great weekend with our dear friends in Vermont.

BUT, there were some party crashers.  BUGS... the size of houses.. No joke!
There are way more bugs in Vermont than there is in NJ.  Man, these things were huge and ugly looking and came with all of their gang members.  And then the ants decided to join the party too.  But I think it's because on our way to Vermont, we killed about a zillion bugs.  They all have a resting place on our windshield.  So, maybe that's why the bugs had no mercy on us, we killed a lot of their family members. 

But besides the Bugs 4 Life gang members, our weekend was fantastic.  We spent it with great people. Such an inspiring weekend.  I think we all came out with some new life lessons.  And we laughed sooooo much.  Stayed up late, slept in, walked around in our pajamas, ate way too much at Sugar and Spice, went to the farmers market, went shopping (where I scored an awesome deal on a Coach wallet, and it's purple!), and ate more food.  Great weekend.  God sure did bless us this weekend with awesome weather and awesome company.

We drove home yesterday, and our apartment was at about 120 degrees!  Our air conditioners were downstairs.  Sadie and I were miserable a minute after we got in.  Hubs was awesome and went downstairs to bring up the air conditioner for our room, because Sadie and I would have not survived.  But the hubs came to the rescue, it took a while before the room got cooled, but I fell asleep at some point.  Today is suppose to be another hot day.  Hubs is going to try to put the big AC in our living room today.  And possibly look for a new AC for our bedroom since ours is old.  And since we now have a dog, I would like one where the the AC turns on/off according to temp so we can have that on for Sadie while at work. 
All in all, it was a great holiday weekend and I am excited for what this week will brings us. 

What did you all do this weekend?

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

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