Apr 25, 2012

Miami trip to Wrestlemania!

Finally, I have gone through our pictures from our vacation trip to Wrestlemania in Miami!
When I first uploaded the pics, I had 2gb worth of pictures - 867!!!! 

I spent an hour going through and have deleted blurry pictures, crappy pictures and am now down to 300 pics and 1gb worth! Holy smokes.

So, here a a FEW to highlight our trip:

Dear Beach, I love you... Sincerely, Mrs. Newlywed Giggles

I LOVE this hat

Fire dancers at the Mai Kai Restaurant!

The restaurant had a nice outdoor garden that we were able to walk through with a whole bunch of waterfalls and Polynesian artifacts.  Very cool.

We were on our way to Miami beach and this car was next to us.  We loved them because they are clearly The Rock fans!!!  TEAM BRING IT - BOOTS 2 ASSES

Best feeling ever to have your toes in sand!

Out of all the pictures, we only have this one picture of us together!!!!  HAHAHAHA.... FAIL on our part.

I still can't believe that we were there!

I LOVE this picture.  Thinking of making this big and putting it up in our office. :) 

The traditional Cena salute he does to honor the armed forces!

The Rock aka my lover, friend, husband, fantasy..... you get the idea.  BADASS HOT MAN!

The fireworks at the end of the show was more amazing than Fourth of July fireworks.  AMAZING!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

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