Apr 30, 2012

Zumba kicked my ass and a 5K run

So, Saturday we had a big RVLution Ditch the Diet meeting for our MonaVie business!

It was such  great event and lots of people came out!  Wooo... love getting people healthy and wealthy.  Part of our RVLution party was to hold a Zumba class for an hour as well to get people moving their bums. 
This was my first time doing Zumba ever.



Holy poo is Zumba no joke!  I am surprised I wasn't laying on the floor by the end of the session begging for oxygen.  Now I know why it is a great workout.  My body was sore yesterday, but my poor calf muscles are crying!  Ugh.  I think I put my body through shock.  But it was TOTALLY worth it and nice kick start to getting my butt in shape.

 I want to run a 5K. 

This is big goal for me because I was cross country runner (and LOVED it) in high school, then got injured with something that will always come back.  So I have always been afraid because the pain of suffering from Iliotobial Band Syndrome is no joke.  When I first got injured I was out of commission for six weeks.  I couldn't even go up and down stairs because of the pain and I refused to get cortisone shots.  But, I want to do it today.  I wanted someone to do it with me as you know, support, but looks like I am on m own. People won't understand my struggles with the running, both physically and emotionally, so last thing I need is someone thinking they know what is best for me when they have no idea.  Might be better off that way anyways.  So, I found a couch to 5K plan.  Going to try it starting this week.  It seems like a good easy transition to get back into running. This will boost my confidence and get me moving. Hopefully.  What sucks is that I have two things against me: the Iliotibial Band Syndrome and the bunion and Achilles tendon surgery I had a year ago (have complications from surgery that has made it hard to exercise since I don't enjoy being in pain 24/7).  These are my two obstacles to get over and hopefully learn to manage to avoid injury.  So, here's to me moving my bum and two hopefully running a 5K this summer and being proud of it! 

So, tips on running a 5K?  It's been a long time since I have been part of the running world. First thing on my list is to buy a good pair of sneakers.  Recommendations?

Think I should stock up on ice... I am pretty sure I am going to need it!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

Puppy Love Photo Party!


Woooooooo.... I am particpating in Reinventing the Ordinary's Puppy Love Photo Party link up! If you have a furbaby, join in the fun!

Prepare to be photo bombed with pictures of my furbaby, Sadie!

The picture on the left is when Sadie was about ten weeks old.  Because of that picture, that's how we fell in love and decided to pay her a visit in person to see if she was going to be our puppy.  The picture on the left is her at ten months!

Sadie sleeps on the bed with us.  Once she figured out she can jump on our bed, I don't think we'll ever get her out of it.

Whenever I am cleaning the bathroom and using our spray handle to wash off the soap, she comes running and wants to lick the water that comes from the hose.  She walks away with her whole face wet!

She had a long day.

This picture was taken at about 6AM when she is staring me down and wondering why I felt like it was a great time to take a pic and not get up to take her out to pee.

Sadie obviously picked which side of the bed she was going to sleep on and obviously either the hubs or I had to fight it out to see who would get the other side.

About a half hour after I put this t-shirt on, she chewed a hole through it.

This is where she tried to convince me that she wasn't eating the tennis ball.  Even though a piece of the string is sticking out of her mouth.

This is how we spend our mornings together.

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Apr 27, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!!

Time to show off the pups.

Let me give you a run down of what Sadie has done this week.
  • Went to the dog park with mama while pop pop worked and ran like the wind
  • Went to Pooch Play grand opening and got to run around their day care facilities and got a whole shopping bag worth of free stuff!
  • The hubs failed to lock her crate when he left for the work the other day.  She was roaming our house for eight hours doing whatever she wanted which included eating the hubs slippers, peeing on my bedroom floor, and dragging little foam pieces from slippers ALL OVER MY APT.
  • Has been getting up before 6am to use the bathroom and play. Ugh.
But besides that, she has been cute as always!

Exhausted from the doggy park.  This is the ONLY time she ever fell asleep in the car ride home.
Taking a nap while hugging her toy before I left for work in the AM.  Precious!
Make sure you all link up!!!!!

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Apr 26, 2012

Who is on your list of handsome older actors?

There are some pretty handsome actors who are 50 and over. 
My co-worker and I were talking about it this morning which inspired this post. So, below see some of the men I think are very handsome for being in the older crowd.

Richard Gere
Richard Gere
Age: 62

Sean Connery
Sean Connery
Age: 81

Pierce Brosnan
Age: 58
Dennis Quad
Age: 58

Denzel Washington
Age: 57
Kevin Costner
Age: 57

So, who did I miss? 

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

Apr 25, 2012

Wife fail at Target

Yesterday, the hubs and I stopped at Target to just walk around.  We usually do this and ALWAYS come out with stuff.

As we were perusing the aisles, we stumbled upon the kitchen aisles.  That's when I remembered I needed a meat tenderizer.  Passing I say:

Mrs. "OOOHH OOO  OHHH AHHH, I need a meat pounder"
:::: I realize what I said aloud and how it sounded, and immediately get a case of the giggles::::
:::: I continue to whisper "meat pounder" while walking behind my husband and cracking up to myself::::

- if you don't get it, bless your heart

Mr. "It should be over here.... I see them from here"

Mrs: "Oh, there's the wall of utensils" :::: I am now looking up and down and sideways for meat tenderizer:::::

Mr. "I see one from all the way over here (:::he is two aisles away!:::).  $12.99"

Mrs.  "Where do you see that?!?!!?!  I don't see it." ::::feverishly looking for the meat tenderizer and can not find it.  The hubs is ignoring me at this point as I am yapping 'where do you see that?!?!!?'"

So, I do what any wife would do.  Walk away and get completely distracted by the cutest ice tea pitcher ever!  And also, a coffee mug that I really want and NEED. 

Within 30 seconds of being in front of the WALL of utensils, hubs finds 4 meat tenderizers.

I turned and looked at him like he was crazy.  As he shakes his head at me, I say "good job babe." 
Wife - FAIL

But, check out the coffee mug that got my attention

I bought that coffee mug and used it this morning.  It so far works well!

And to end with super duper cuteness, check out Sadie who took a nap this morning before I left for work. 

Her eyes are shut close and her one ear is flopped back.  Her face here reminds me when she was 4 months old when we first got her.

My baby girl... LOVE.

And I TOTALLY got the ice tea pitcher.  Shame on me for not taking a pic of it! But it is super duper cute!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

Miami trip to Wrestlemania!

Finally, I have gone through our pictures from our vacation trip to Wrestlemania in Miami!
When I first uploaded the pics, I had 2gb worth of pictures - 867!!!! 

I spent an hour going through and have deleted blurry pictures, crappy pictures and am now down to 300 pics and 1gb worth! Holy smokes.

So, here a a FEW to highlight our trip:

Dear Beach, I love you... Sincerely, Mrs. Newlywed Giggles

I LOVE this hat

Fire dancers at the Mai Kai Restaurant!

The restaurant had a nice outdoor garden that we were able to walk through with a whole bunch of waterfalls and Polynesian artifacts.  Very cool.

We were on our way to Miami beach and this car was next to us.  We loved them because they are clearly The Rock fans!!!  TEAM BRING IT - BOOTS 2 ASSES

Best feeling ever to have your toes in sand!

Out of all the pictures, we only have this one picture of us together!!!!  HAHAHAHA.... FAIL on our part.

I still can't believe that we were there!

I LOVE this picture.  Thinking of making this big and putting it up in our office. :) 

The traditional Cena salute he does to honor the armed forces!

The Rock aka my lover, friend, husband, fantasy..... you get the idea.  BADASS HOT MAN!

The fireworks at the end of the show was more amazing than Fourth of July fireworks.  AMAZING!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

Apr 24, 2012

Today is already a better day

Holy poo... did I have a bad migraine yesterday.  I felt like super big piles of poo all day yesterday.


But today, I guess you can say I am suffering a bad headache.  My migraine hasn't left the building, but I am still able to function somewhat today.

So, of course I have lots of catching up to do at work since I stayed home yesterday sick.

Ha... no, it's not that bad. But can you imagine? 

But I am here at work with my trusty double shot of espresso which I use the caffeine for help with the migraine and I am ready to take the day on!

Off to listen to some tunes while I catch up at work. Hope you all have a great day!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

Apr 23, 2012

Dear Migraine, you suck

I have been out of commission all day today. Woke up with a migraine, and if you have ever suffered from migraines, you know that when you wake up with one, it is not going to be a good day.

And to top it off, my dog wouldn't let me sleep while I stayed home from work. She only looks at the bed as being nighttime so she was barking and growling until I finally got out of the bed and came to the living room. Weird thing was she immediately fell asleep on me when we were in the living room. Two minutes later.

I am still in pain, but it is not as bad as it was this morning. Praying that when I wake up tomorrow morning, it is gone.

Will hopefully be back to my giggly self tomorrow. Have a good night and remember to smile!

Apr 20, 2012

Helllloooooooo Channing!

If you have no idea about the movie called Magic Mike, you MUST do your research. 
The trailer was just released!!!!



~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

Fur Baby Friday!

This is my first time linking up to Fur Baby Friday by Mrs. Monologues!!!  Eeeek. so excited.

If you have a fur baby, you need to link up too!

Meet Sadie.  She is my 10 month old Yorkie Poo. 


She is the love of my life.  She is also very nosy .... just like her mama.

"Mama, did you hear that noise?"

We are having a hard time with the whole potty training.  Yorkie Poos are VERY stubborn.  Piss them off, and they will pee on your floor while staring you down just waiting for you to try to say something.
She is lucky she is cute because with the amount of times I have had to clean up pee, she would be homeless. Streets for Sadie.

She is our baby though, who can't love this precious puppy!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

Apr 19, 2012

Random Musings

  • I am so upset that it is suppose to rain all day Sunday.  I know it is much needed especially to avoid anymore brush fires, but that was the day of the Cherry Blossom festival which the hubs and I go to every year.  It is either rain or shine.  But if it's raining, it's kind of useless to go to a park for all day outdoor actviities.  Womp womp.

  • We have a busy next three days!  Non-stop from this point on.  I feel like I should have marathon volunteers on the sideline as we go about giving us water and snacks.   I seriously don't think we will be eating any dinner today or tomorrow considering our time restraints.
  • I woke up in the middle of the night to look over to the hubs side to see if he was in bed yet - I didn't see the hubs, but I saw Sadie rolled up into a ball sleeping on his pillow. I went right back to sleep. haha
  • Sadie was knocked out this morning, she actually let me sleep till the alarm went off.  And she didn't pee on my bedroom floor unlike yesterday morning. As I came back into the bedroom with her collar and leash, she looked at me, turned around and laid back down. Those darn furbabies grow up so fast and get such attitudes.
  • One of my best friends are pregnant!!!!!!! EEEEEEEKKKK... super. duper. excited.  I love being a titi (aunt)!
  • I cannot stop laughing!  Ellen has started a segment called dance dares.  She dared audience members to dance behind people without them knowing and videotape it.  I crack up every time I see it. You must check out some of the videos.  Even celebrities are joining in the fun!  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL221ACDE727BACB6C&feature=plcp
  • I totally thought yesterday was Thursday.  My boss called me this morning just to tell me, "Hey, it's Thursday. ::boss laughs and hangs up::" 
  • The amount of innappropriate comments that have been flying around my office since yesterday has been absurd.  BUT HILARIOUS.  We truly are a family here where I work.  Gotta love a small company where the average years worked is 20 years.  Only reason we can get around with all the joking we do.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

Apr 18, 2012

All work and no play?

I believe that if at work we are allowed to drink these:

we all would be much happier and VERY productive.  Now, we can be productive, but no one said it will be correct productive work. 

Also, how awesome would your job be if you get "play break time" and do this:

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~