Mar 15, 2012

Salad Dressing recipe-FAIL #1, #2, #3

So, my friend made this amazing salad dressing.  It was DELISH... like lick my fingers delish.

Naturally, I asked her for the recipe.  I was so excited to make it and eat salad like every hour just so I can have the dressing.  Yep, that's how excited I was.

A part of the recipe called for 3 cups of orange juice cooked down to 1/2 cup.  Easy enought right? Not for me.

I put the orange juice in the pot, put the pot on stove, and light it up. 
Next thing I know I hear this swooshing sound.  I know that sound very well.  The sound of something about to boil over.


I turn around to orange juice OVERFLOWING over my pot onto my white stove being cooked onto the white stove and now it also smells like burnt sugar in the apartment.

FAIL NUMBER #1... yes there are three fails in this story.

So I run over, turn off the stove and grab the pot and put it aside.  Now I know I have to clean up the orange ASAP before it really sticks to the stove.  I spray it down with cleaning solution and figured let it sit for a minute to absorb.  I say to myself, "while I clean up that mess, let me put the pot on the other burner so it can continue cooking since it's still at about 2 1/2 cups."  So I go ahead and put it on the burner next to the one I am cleaning.  Seriously, it's like God was playing a joke on me because I am cleaning the burner and AGAIN the orange starts to boil it over.  Why is it everytime somehting boils over, you never get there in time.... that shit rises so freaking fast.

Again, I am late..... beginning of FAIL #2.  Orange juice all over the second burner. 

I cleaned up both burners and then started "cooking"  the orange juice again.

I followed that damn recipe exactly... I was so excited to taste it.

The end result tasted like crap.  Actually, it tasted more like oil than anything else.


 I double checked the recipe and put the right amount.  But it totally did not taste anything like the one my friend made.

We dealt with it for the time being.  But I am totally defeated.  Guess I will just have to call my friend and ask her to make it for me and I will pick it up.  hahhaha... so much easier that way.


Jess said...

i think if you lay a wooden spoon over the top of your pot it won't bowl over!

Katrina said...

I want the recipe...