Mar 19, 2012

Doing what I do best.. enjoying life

Goooooood morning my bloggy peeps!
I hope your weekend was filled with sunshine and laughter!  We had a GREAT weekend.  So much was done.  Here's a quick run down of what we did and the things that make me giggle:

  • Woke up and picked up my niece and nephew.  My sis was moving that day so I picked the kids up early and had them with me for the day.
  • Got back to my place and made some breakfast burritos.... eggs and turkey sausage in a roll up wrap.  So yummy! My niece didn't finish hers, but my nephew finished his AND hers.  Who knew three years old can eat so much!
  • Then, we all got ready and headed out to Petco with the dog.  The kids were SUPER duper excited to go to Petco and that Sadie was coming in the car with us.
  • After Petco, we decided to go straight to the dog park since it was beautiful in Jersey.
  • The kids did great in the dog park! They played with other dogs.  Sadie had a blast as well.  She made some new friends.  She also ROLLED around in the dirt and FACE PLANTED a couple times when she thought she was super dog and would jump from the the top of the ramp.  Hilarious.
  • We met another yorkie poo puppy!!! His name was Dexter and he was the cutest thing ever!!!!!  I was so happy that Sadie got to play with the same breed as hers.  It was  nice to see her interact.
  • After the dog park, we took the kids to the playground to run around as well.  They had so much fun and their faces were beaming with smiles as they waved to us going down the slide.  So proud!
  • After, we decided to grab some pizza for lunch.  Savian, the three year old, told me he wanted three slices.  Kayla, the five year old, told me she wanted two slices.  The hubs looked at me and asked if we should get two pizza pies.  I said yes.  Thank goodness, only 4 slices were left!  We tore up that pizza.
  • After lunch, we all cuddled on the couch, including Sadie, and watched movies for a good three hours with them.  Such a precious time.  Love.
  • I kept smelling my dog, she smelled like dog park.  We decided to give her a bath.  Her very first one.  My poor pup looked like a rat when she was all wet.  haha! She was DIRTY, thanks to the dog park.  But in the end, she came out of that bathroom a fluff ball and smelling like jasmine.
  • Then my sis came and picked them up.  I sent them home dirty, fed, and tired.  We did our job as aunt and uncle.
  • Hubs and I went to see Act of Valor that night.  Great movie!
  • Got up, went to church
  • Came home.  Looked at the hubs who JUST got up (noon!).
  • So jealous he got to sleep in.
  • We went to see 21 Jump Street. Now, I knew this movie was going to be funny, but it turned out to be HILARIOUS.... I laughed the entire time!  This is a must see!
  • We have been going out with a group of friends every Sunday. We call it Sunday Dinner. Original, I know.  We went to a Greek restaurant this week. My second time eating Greek. The food was delish!! Can't wait for next Sunday dinner.  We try different cuisines and local places.  Awesome time to spend with friends.
  • Then we came back to the house and watched Sucker Punch together.  I fell sleep during the middle.  It sucked.  Thank goodness it was Netflix and we didn't waste our money in the theater.
  • Sleep.
We had a jam packed weekend, but it was such a great weekend.  Excited for what this week will bring.  :)


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Sooooo out of the loop here. Thanks for all your sweet comments - trying to keep up as I wait for our son :) Love that you had a wonderful weekend. Your puppy sounds too cute! We love Yorkie poos

Lindsey said...

What an awesome weekend!