Dec 7, 2011

Rain, go away

Want to know what's the worst thing to do in the rain?  It is to walk a dog to go do its business outside.

Sadie, who just recently turned six months, does NOT like the rain.  The minute I take her out, she's like "Oh hell no, I am NOT getting my hair wet so you can then sit me down and comb me.  Oh hell no."  TRUE STORY.

This dog understands that rain is no good.  And when I know that she has to poop, she holds her shit (literally) in.  It's like, if you just poop within the minute I take you out, we BOTH can go inside.  But NOOOOO.... she gets all prissy and looks at me with those darn puppy eyes.  Damn those puppy eyes!

She will pee, but sometimes we are forced to carry her, walk around our apartment building and then put her down in the grass area over there, where she will then poop.  God forbid she gets her paws wet to walk around the building.  She's all like, "carry me bitches!"

So right now, she's barking at me which tells me that she wants to go out.  Of course, it's pouring rain.  She goes down the steps and immediately goes to the muddy puddle and starts to drink it.  Seriously, with all this water coming down on you and knowing how much you hate the rain, you're going to stand to drink from a puddle instead of peeing and pooping so we can go inside the DRY apartment.

I just don't get it.

But, the puppy eyes get me every time.  Love my fur baby, cone and all.
Sadie at six months.  With her cone.  Ha!


Jules said...

This rain has been the worst and my dogs hate it too! I'm procrastinating on taking them out right

Mrs. Pancakes said...

wasn't the rain terrible yesterday..glad everything was safe!

V said...

what a drag! seriously there is nothing worse then washing laundry over and over, specially when it comes to the furbaby.