Oct 11, 2011

Random Musings and please give me your best pumpkin pie recipe

Let's start off with this, I am in a crappy mood.  I don't feel well.  I thought I was going to barf in the car yesterday when the hubs and I were going to join friends for dinner.  We were still in the parking lot and I got that feeling and yelled at him, I can't go, you go and have fun.  Then ran in the house and NOTHING.  So the whole night I just feel like I wanted to barf, but NOTHING.  Annoying.  AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT SO PLEASE DON'T ASK.  I just had  a D&C done, there is no possible way and considering I am on birth control. 

I didn't sleep well at all last night.  I remember the hubs asking me if I was OK, and all I remember was just mumbling.  I am about 80% sure this happened last night.  I fell asleep while the hubs was at our neighbors watching football (sad face I couldn't watch).  I don't even know if I told him "No, I don't feel good.  I feel like crap. Freaking out if it is a side effect of D&C surgery last week. Totally hormonal. Mumble mumble mumble."  I am pretty sure all he heard was "mumble mumble mumble"  Even this morning, I still feel like blah. Again, annoying.

Besides yesterday being a blah day, we had a great weekend! Saturday spent it on a farm for my niece's 5th birthday party.  They grow up so fast!  We were there pretty much all day and it was tons of fun.  Sunday we took Sadie to PetSmart.  When we first walked in, there were two other dogs there and Sadie sniffed and did her thing.  Then, five minutes into the store, she sat her butt down and started to cry.  I had to hold her in my arms for the rest of our shopping.  DIVA yorkie poo is her middle name.  Unbelievable that I would get a dog that is a diva to the max.  Sunday is also football Sunday and Dexter day.  We spent it with our friends Melissa and Gonzalo and ate teeny tiny tacos and enjoyed a fun day hanging out with them.  They are pretty awesome.  Sucks that Giant's lost!

Now for random musings so I can get it off my chest:
  • A bit peeved at people for doing certain things.  Just kind of sucks and I see how it is now. But it's OK.  The only person I care about now is me and the hubs doing our thing OUR WAY.  In your face. 
  • We bought two pumpkins at the farm on Saturday.  I want to make a pumpkin pie because the hubs is a huge fan.  I bought two so I can have two chances of pie in case I mess one up.  I need your help.  Who has a pumpkin pie recipe from SCRATCH... you know with the real pumpkin, not that can filling shit.  That isn't baking a pie, that's called pouring in the filling and baking.  I want to do the real thing.  Help! 
  • I have been bitchy at the hubs this past week.  I have no idea why.  But, I have been researching online and it says that after having a D&C done, your hormones are all wacky and you can feel like your pregnant with mood swings.  I am pretty sure that's why.  Sorry hubs. I love you. Thanks for dealing with me these past two weeks.  xoxo
  • I have a pretty awesome hubs.  Like seriously.  I have so many friends who are couples, and let me tell you, it is amazing how some couples just don't have regard for each other.  Thankfully, me and the hubs have been getting better at that.  We have been doing really good at just being together.  And adding a puppy in the mix is a bit stressful, let's face it it is like having a baby, but we have survived a week already.  So far, we are pretty good puppy parents.
  • I love my puppy!!!!  She seriously is the cutest thing ever.  Even when she pees and poops in the house by accident, you can't resist the puppy look. 
OK, I am done for now.


Have a pumpkin pie day!
Whatever that means... my failed attempt at being funny. I know, I suck.



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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I love finding new pumpkin pie recipes to try. My favorite "from scratch" recipe is actually from Southern Living. I bet they would have it on their website. Hopefully, we will get to the pumpkin patch soon, so we can make pie soon. :)