Oct 18, 2011

Missing baby and race care driver.... showing how I much I dislake the media

You probably have heard about the missing baby Lisa somewhere not near Jersey.  The mom went to sleep while the husband went to work overnight and the husband came home to find the baby gone.  Sad story.  But now, thanks to media and their version of the news and totally not the truth, I am getting sucked into this story and the ridiculousness of it.  Reports, which I am pretty sure are 99.9% false, are coming in saying that she was drunk the night this all happened.  People are outraged that this woman had a couple of glasses of wine in HER house with her baby. Um, shut the f up.  Seriously, I am not a mom but I am around moms in my lifetime and I know that having a child is hard work and that sometimes, you NEED WINE TO MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.  So shut it and go back to drinking your wine while reading the news article while your child takes a nap.  THEN, video has surfaced of the mom at a store buying wine and baby food with a "mysterious" man who has yet to be identified that was with her.  So she's cheating on her husband and the media ratted her out?  So now the media is making these parents seem to be the worse parents ever and they have something to do with it.  This can be true, but we won't know the truth until it comes out of the parents mouth.  I do hope that the baby is OK and can be reunited with her family if they have nothing to do with it as soon as possible.  I can't imagine what the mother is going through.  But what pisses me off is when the media takes little harmless things and turn it into a HUGE thing.  Get over it.

This brings me to the race car driver death at the Indy 500 race.  There are articles that are BLAMING the Indy 500 people who run things saying it's their fault that this person has passed away.  UM, LAST I CHECKED RACING IN A CAR THAT IS PROBABLY THE CONSISTENCY OF A SHEET OF PAPER AT 225 MPH AROUND IN CIRCLES WITH OTHER CARS RACING TO BE FIRST, IT'S PRETTY FUCKING DANGEROUS.  How sad is it that his death is being glorified to blame someone else.  Can't we just say it was a horrible accident that we all knew could very well happen in this dangerous sport?  Why can't we just let it go.  I am pretty sure the Indy 500 organizers have safety as their top priority.  Let's not go out there and bash Indy 500 and hold them responsible for something that was out of their control.  The racer knew the risks involved in getting into a car to race around in circles at 225mph.  He knew that a bump can cause a pile up.  But he, along with other racers who participate, take that risk.  I am pretty sure he wasn't forced to race.  It was a horrible unfortunate accident. Why can't the media just leave it that. ANNOYING= media.

On a brighter note, a salesperson stopped at our office today to talk with our technical director.  He brought ALL of us HOT bagels from Panera bread along with pastries.  He's our best friend.  We love him. We hope he comes back soon. 

Oh, just got an invite to Pinterest.  I am about to go and log in for the first time.  Pray that I won't be sucked into my computer for the rest of the day.  Let the addiction start!

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ME! said...

I know I'm MAJORLY delayed in the comment department... BUT, I agree with you 100%!!! And it's not just the stories like this, it's the weather too. "Should you pack up and evacuate for the storm of the century????" "Get your milk & eggs. You will be stranded for months!"