Oct 21, 2011

Can't wait to get the shit scared out of me.

HAPPY FRIDAY... thank goodness Friday is here because I was flipping a shit this whole week going so darn slow.

Today, we are heading to Corner of Chaos to get super duper scared and scream so loud that I won't have a voice tomorrow.  CAN'T. WAIT.

Every year during Halloween time, we are on the hunt for some of the best haunted houses.  This is a new one that got some rave reviews.  This one includes a corn maze.  I have never been to a corn maze so this should be interesting.  They say that people pop out from the corn and scare you.  I will feel bad for the people behind me because I am surely going to fall on my ass while trying to escape the ghouls.  CAN'T. WAIT.

Then, the rest of the weekend seems like it will be a relaxing one.  FINALLY.  But I am pretty sure it will change by tomorrow morning and our weekend will be booked.  Happens every time.

Also, I really want to go to see Paranormal Activity 3 to complete my weekend of terror.  I have watched the first and second one and LOVE it.  So freaking scary that it's addicting, to me of course. 

I might also attempt to make a pumpkin pie from scratch on Sunday when I get home from church.  Wish me luck, I most definitely will need it. 

Oh my god, I still have TWO more hours to go at work.  SHOOT.ME.NOW

Who else has gone to or will go to a haunted house?  Would love to hear your experiences if they are anything like mine.  I will be sure to fill you in on how I embarrass myself tonight  by screaming at a guy who "pops" out from the corn maze who will most likely be one of my friends who are going around me because I am too scared to walk fast, but walk at the slowest pace possible.  Makes no sense.  Did you even get that who last sentence I just wrote... this is what happens when I just write the way I am thinking.  Good luck to you deciphering that.

OK, clearly I need to stop writing..... peace out my bloggy friends and go get scared like I am!


scared ya didn't I?  I am so good.

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Unknown said...

ohhh my goodness I HATE being scared. I am such a wimp - lol