Sep 12, 2011

Stupid Yoga ball needs to get CHECKED!

Hello there lovelies,
I am typing this post from our new (to us) computer!  I have an awesome IT friend who hooked us up with a desktop since the hubs and I are currently laptopless.  I have been reading blogs from my phone.  But I am so glad I can read and comment from a regular computer screen.  We even bought a new desk for this baby.  Get a load of us.  What we have not yet purchased is a computer chair.  Go us.  So, we have this yoga ball that has been sitting in a corner in my bedroom for the longest time ever, so a light bulb came on and I was like
 "Hey babe, we don't need a chair, we can use the yoga ball.  It's suppose to be good for balance and all that fitness crap."
 Hubs quickly says
 "I need to have a back to sit at the computer and type up reports."

So, for the time being, we are using the yoga ball.  Talk about UNCOMFORTABLE. I swear this yoga ball has a life of it's own and the job it has is to make me fall on my ass.  Seriously, my feet don't even fully touch the floor since I am only five feet tall. NO JOKE.  I am fun sized.  Anyways, so I am this little curly half blonde half black hair (I NEED to get my hair done, ASAP) chick sitting on this stupid yoga ball that keeps making me rock back and forth.  This is NOT going to work.  I am so afraid to get off this yoga ball that I had the hubs hand me my phone that was arms length reach to me so I didn't have to worry about falling off the yoga ball.  Now that I think about it, I might not want to get off this yoga ball at all because I will most likely seriously hurt myself.  I WILL fall off and hurt myself and whine and cry about it to the hubs who is not going to care because football is on and he is attached to his iPad for his fantasy football (another post on fantasy football to come later!).

So, guess I'll be sleeping on the yoga ball tonight.  This is going to suck if I need to pee.
And for the kicker....
Here I am sitting on the yoga ball.  Also, please note the multiple hair color on me.  Ugh. 

Here I am losing my balance as I try to move an INCH!  Get a load of that laundry basket in the background too.  If  only there was a laundry fairy that would take it, clean it, fold it, and put it away for me.  A girl can dream. 


Unknown said...

This is great, so funny! I love it!

ME! said...

love, Love, LOVE this! hahahahahahaha!!!!