Sep 17, 2011

Random Musings

  1. LOVING this fall weather.
  2. I have put on my boots, that look like Uggs but aren't because I would never pay three times the amount of money for something so simple as suede and fur, today here in Jersey where the high was about 72.  When I put my boots on this morning, it was about 58 degrees outside.  My feet were so freaking hot all day today.  Especially since I was shopping with my mom.  Oh my lord.  Hopefully by next week I will be ok to wear the boots without the inferno party with my feet. 
  3. Has quickly realized that to attempt to adopt a dog is pretty much like adopting a freaking child.  Pre applications to just be considered to meet the dog, then another application, home visits, WORK references, etc.  Seriously?  I understand the concept but now I understand why so many dogs are still in shelter.  To adopt a dog is like breaking into the white house.  IMPOSSIBLE. So disappointing.  Now we are looking at pet stores and breeders. 
  4. I really want a puppy like now.  Must.Be.Patient.
  5. I love the weekend, but would like to fast forward to Monday.  I have to go in to go over my results with a doctor.  The fact that they called me to go back is not a good sign.  I am trying to not freak out, but I am. Just praying to God that whatever challenge I will be faced with on Monday, that I have enough strength in me to handle.
  6. Did I mention how much I really want a puppy right now?  A yorkie terrier in specific?  Oh I did?  darn...
  7. My apartment is a complete mess and I really need to clean. But I am sick of always cleaning everything in this apartment that I feel like I involuntary went on strike without even knowing it. 
  8. I hate cleaning. 
  9. I really hate cleaning.
  10. I all of sudden have allergies and they make my eyes itch.  This doesn't help when you have contacts on. Feels so uncomfortable.  Hoping allergy season is a short one. 
  11. I have not dyed my hair in over three months.  My hair is currently dark brown at roots, blonde on top coat, and an undercoat of chocolate color.  
  12. I need to get my hair done, like yesterday. 
  13. Ate dinner at my parents today, gosh my mom's cooking is so freaking good.  Yummo! 
  14. I am grateful to God for allowing me to enjoy another beautiful weekend with my family.  God is GOOD. 

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Anonymous said...

I so love fall too! Good luck with your results today. Sending good thoughts your way. Have a good week.