Aug 9, 2011

Ladies who freak out wearing the same thing twice.

I hate when I meet people who refuse to wear a dress twice.  They are so afraid that someone might notice and think they are absolute poo for wearing the same dress twice.  Seriously ladies?  Why on earth do you care?  Unless you are a celebrity, you need to drop it.  If you don't have a paparazzi crew following you around, you need to drop it.  If you don't make over a million dollars a year, then you need to drop it. 

If you have the money to buy a new dress for every single occasion in your LIFETIME, then by all means go and do it.  But I can probably give you a list of things that your money would be better off then material clothing.

I am not calling myself a fashionista because I am not.  I don't have the money to shop for new clothes all the time.  I recycle clothing a lot!  and guess what, I don't care.  If I like it, I wear it, a lot.  But it really gets on my nerves girls who freak out about wearing something twice. Give it up ladies!  Stop worrying and enjoy wearing those beautiful outfits you buy. 

I talked to someone today who was stating the fact that they can't wear the same dress to an event.  Me and the other girl listening to this gave the look to each other.  After, we both talked and agreed that we just didn't get the girls idea of not wearing something twice.  I hope these type of people realize that you can change the look of one outfit completely by adding accessories.

So, what are your favorite accessories to change up an outfit? 

-Mrs. Newlywed Giggles.


Anonymous said...

So basically you were talking about the girl behind her back... classy.. obviously the girls that buys new dresses have the money to do this. You just have to know where to get a nice dress from it doesn't always cost a lot, HATE is such a strong word..

Kenya said...

We didn't talk behind the girls back. We simply discussed her view on wearing outfits no more than once. And when I talk about cost, I am talking about buying a new dress for every dinner, clubbing night, event, weddings etc. Now if you are busy like I am sometimes, that can mean buying a new outfit twice a week. So when it comes to that, yes I feel like it is a lot of money. Of course there places that you don't pay alot for outfits, but you are still paying for something to use once that can be used multiple times. To me, that's a waste of money. Hate is a strong word, just as Love is a strong word. People throw around the word Love all the time. Agree? Hmmm... perfect topic for next blog post. Thanks for the idea Anonymous.

ME! said...

And I don't think you were really speaking of HER "behind her back" but rather the topic of conversation.... Anon you need to lighten up!

And I never understood that either. Unless I am going to a wedding with a large chunk of the same guests will I wear something different. Notice, I didn't say BUY something new... :) Belts and new jewelry work well to jazz up that same-old same-old!!