Nov 15, 2010

Farting and your marriage

I was hanging out with my sis-in-crime yesterday and somehow we got a talking about farting and when to do it in a relationship. Yes, these are the awesome conversations we have.  So, for me, I have farted and burped in front of my husband BEFORE we got married.  I didn't want him to divorce me AFTER we got married if he found out that I am more than willing to fart and burp in his presence, and not run to the bathroom and be all discreet about it.  Face it.  He's the hubs and he loves me for me.  Me = includes farting and burping when I have to and not feeling shy about it in front of him.  She told me of another friend who does the same thing.  I give her a thumbs up!

So, did you fart and burp in front of your hubs before you got married?


ME! said...

Before marriage, never! I don't know how I managed, but really, never.

Burping, yes. I actually couldn't burp until I was pregnant for the first time. I guess my interior chemical balance changed or something. Farts, I still try to keep em in. BUT - I have done it. And he looks at me like I have 2 heads! I just laugh and say, "What?!?!?"

JW said...

haha, burping I have no problems with and didn't hold back from day 1. Generally I have very small pipsqueak burps though, but occasionally I'll get one that really projects and we'll both have a good laugh about it. As far as farting goes, I still try to hold that in. I've farted a few times in front of him, but not really on purpose. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care if I farted in front of him, this girl farts in front of no one! lol He farts all the time though. all. the. time.