Sep 10, 2010

Tonight will be a night filled with knights and horses

And that's because we are heading to Medieval Times!  Woooooo.

I have gone here before as an adult and it was super duper fun.  So, we are going once again to have some good food, which we can only eat with our hands, and good drinks.  I can not wait to get the huge, and when I mean huge I mean huge as in bigger than my face huge, of a fruity alcoholic beverage.  By the time I finish the cup, I should be feeling really nice!

So excited.  Hopefully, this time our knight wins.  The last time our knight did not win even with all of our cheering.  But I'll make sure to come back and let you know if our cheering and drunkenness helps our knight to win.  :)

Off to the castle we go!


Brittany said...


Shannon said...

FUN!! Reminds me of the Cable Guy :o)

Unknown said...

Enjoy time with hubby! Good luck to your cheering! :D