Aug 4, 2010

Year closer to babies?

My birthday is coming up soon.

Which means I'll be a year older.

That year older means I'll be 27.

I'm not complaining about getting old.

I'm freaking because it means another year closer to the age of 30 which is my mark to have a baby by then.


I like being just the couple.  Of course I want to have babies.  But it seems like it's soooo close!

I still have two years to travel as much and enjoy our husband and wife time.

OK. Not freaking out much anymore!


Jen said...

You have plenty of time to enjoy your late 20's!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenya,
Don't stress. If at 30 you decide it's time, just let nature takes its course. It will happen when it's time and if you guys aren't ready, there is no rule that says you have to have a child at 30. Enjoy yourselves and your time together, you are still young. People are having babies in late 30's these days.


jules said...

Oye! I'm stressing too. I'm about to get married and I'm 30, but I don't think I want kids and I know everyone is going to start pestering me! Just take your time! Enjoy coupledum!