Aug 18, 2010

Work Phone = FAIL

Literally about 5 minutes ago, I get a phone call on the phone at my desk at work.
So, I'm talking on the phone then all of a sudden I hear ringing.  It's coming from my phone. This phone is new to me since it's different than the one I had at my last job.  I didn't have a second line at my last job.  Seems I do here, but I have no idea how to answer it.
The phone rang for another 10 annoying rings while I'm on the call and of course the phone doesn't have all the labels for the 50 buttons so I had no idea what button to press to switch between both.

Seriously, major work phone FAIL.

Please note: NOBODY ever calls me, but of course in this instant two people call me at once.  Go fig.


Brittany said...

You better get to labeling girl!!! :)))

~Tom~ said...

I sure hope it was not some radio station calling with your once in a lifetime chance to win some serious money. Or worse yet, a brand new refrigerator. Seriously though, I am sure there has to be someone that could give you a quick lesson on the phone system.