Aug 11, 2010

Who knew vuvuzela's are hard to make noise

So yesterday when I got out of work, I was PUMPED with energy!  I was so excited to hang out with friends and go to Giant's Stadium to see the USA vs. Brazil soccer game!

BUT, we didn't anticipate the obstacle course we had to take to get to the stadium! We literally live 20 minutes away, but yesterday it took us an hour!!!!  Two accidents, rush hour, and 75,000 people = traffic from hell!

We eventually made it there in time to see the start of the game.  My one friend was very sad that she wasn't able to bring in her vuvuzela.  But NO WORRIES, we made full use out of it in the car on the way home while sitting in traffic trying to get OUT of the stadium.  We got challeneged by other vuvuzela users in their cars in the parking deck. So, sis-in-crime, who was the only one who made the loudest sound of out it, accepted the challenge and then the battle of the vuvuzela's started!!!!  Freaking awesome.  I never laughed so hard.  We had so much freaking fun with one vuvuzela!  We all wanted to try it out and quickly realized that it's not as easy as "blowing into it".  Freaking hilarious that half of us couldn't make a freaking sound out of it!!!!  There's video, and when I figure out how to upload it, you will pee your pants. I promise you that.

Here are some pics of me and my crazy (well some, not all) at the soccer game!

She had so much fun in the back seat of the car!

We are just AWESOME.  I'm rocking the headphones that my best friend has in the car for the babies to watch TV! hahaha!

Me and sis-in-crime all sweaty because it was a gazillion degrees outside and super duper uber muggy.  Ugh!

Not happy about the VERY humid and hot weather.  BAD idea to straighten out my hair.  :(

USA lost. boo

The new Giant's stadium!

I got some good shots of the American flag!

The hubs posing!

Mr. Newlywed Giggles aka soccer fan!

I saved the BEST FOR LAST.  This is me and my two best friends eating some salty nuts. HA!!!  I'm enjoying it WAY too much.  My best friend in the middle is just content sucking his nut.  And my other best friend likes to suck her nuts on the side and cleary saw a hot guy pass by. LMAO.  I love my best friends!

The joys of a night out to see a soccer game.
Please note: There was no liqour involved during this night, but if you were there with us, you would have thought we were DRUNK off our asses. But we were not.  


Aimee said...

Looks ;like a ton of fun. I am loving all the sexual inuendos of this post haha.

That stadium is GORGEOUS! The Chargers need a new stadium now

Brittany said...

:) Gosh these pictures are great!

How were the salty nuts?

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Love the pics! And I want a vuvuzela for my classroom to get the kid's attention hehe.