Aug 5, 2010


Things I learned about my new job so far:

  • My boss LOVES the word "cool."  Not like, he likes to say it, but he loves it so much that he says it about 4 times in one sentence that is only 6 words long.  AND it's even funnier because he's a New Yorker.  What New Yorker do you know that uses the word "cool" in excessive amounts?  Tell me, I want to know.
  • My boss is cool.  He made fun of one of my team members by looking him up and down and then saying "So Jersey."  LMAO... I cracked up and turned around to him and said good one!  And my team member was pretty awesome about it.  He's like , "I know."  HA!
  • I made a friend and she said I'm cool enough to be part of the "party" crowd.  Take that nerdy co-workers! BAM, in your face.  Please note: Not sure her exact meaning of "party" crowd, but I'm hoping it's just cool enough to invite me to happy hour so I can get drunk with my co-workers and get the REAL gossip about all the nerds who aren't part of the "party" crowd. Wooooo.
  • There is no way I am going to avoid the geese shit in the parking lot.  The geese have made home in our lot and around the other buildings too.  Now, there isn't only one or two here and there.  There's like 50 GAZILLION of them prancing around and taking their sweet ass time crossing the street. So, literally, there is geese shit everywhere.  I walk on my tippy toes to avoid it.  Stupid Geese. 

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Pollyanna said...

Goose shit is not cool.