Jul 22, 2010

You are never going to believe what I bought yesterday

So, I start my new job on Monday which means my last day at the current job is Friday.  I was told by HR that I should take advantage of the money that is left in my FSA health card.  Now because I don't have the medical insurance  from my company, they put A LOT of money into an FSA health plan for me to use.  How nice of them.  Free money that I have used to pay for contacts, prescriptions, doctor visits, etc.  Awesome. Well, now that I'm leaving I have until Friday to use the money (FREE money) that is left.  I went to check my balance and let's just say there was more than $500.  So, I went on a shopping spree yesterday with my sister.

We bought a lot of medicine, cold packs, ointments, band aids, etc.  Anything that was FSA eligible, I bought it.

So, did you know that pregnancy tests are a FSA eligible product?  They are.  And also, pregnancy tests are freaking expensive!!!!!  So, my sister tells me you should get one. I look at her and tell her, "why on earth would I buy a pregnancy test now when I'm not planning on taking one of those for at least another two years!"  She says, "then keep it for when that time comes, look how expensive they are!"  

So, I'm thinking and say no, I can't do that.  I won't do that to myself.  It's freaky and crazy.
5 minutes later...
As I am scanning all the types of pregnancy tests (there are so freaking many!) and start looking at the prices, I'm like holy cow this is expensive!  So, I picked up a box of E.P.T digital (since I'm not paying for it I  might as well get the most expensive one!).
Me and my sister are cracking up. I can't believe I put it in the cart.

Next worry: hoping the hubs doesn't freak out on me when I come home and start taking out the purchases from the bag and sees the pregnancy test box and hoping he gives me a chance to explain my logic behind before jumping to conclusions!

Thankfully, I had time to explain WHY I bought the pregnancy test to him, he understands that no baby is coming our way for another at LEAST two years.

Oh yeah and did you all know that pregnancy test have expiration dates on them?  The one I bought expires 12/2012.  So, that gives me two years to use it, and if I don't, I won't feel bad about it because it wasn't my money that paid for it!

Thank you FSA health spending plan!


Aimee said...

I have never heard of a health spending plan. That is pretty nifty. I mean now you are all stocked up on the essentials not to mention the non-esentials.

When I was reading through this I was wondering about expiration dates. Hmm I think that gives you enough time though.

RenRexx said...

I hope you used the money for Birth control as well.....

Karissa@Withourbest said...

This is so funny. I am glad you had fun on the shopping spree. Who new the company would pay for all that? I think I should write more off on my Health Savings Account!!

Dana said...

That was funny.

Brittany said...

Thats so great! How fun would that be! Maybe not as fun as clothes or shoes.. but hey a shopping spree never the less :))

rite said...

new follower from friendly friday!
happy friday

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