Jul 14, 2010

Woken up by a Vuvuzela

Yesterday I got home from work and told the hubs that I was going to take a nap and to wake me up in an half hour so I had more than enough time to get ready before we left for a meeting.

He wakes me up from my nap 45 minutes later, clearly not half hour like I said, but what drove me more insane is the way he woke me up.

He just bought an iPad.  Well, there are a lot of "fun" apps avaialble for the iPad, one of them being the Vuvuzela app.  In case you don't know, a vuvuzela is a stadium horn.  These are mainly used for soccer games so if you caught glimpses of the World Cup, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  They are SUPER DUPER annoying.


Well, the marketing people who work for Apple thought it would be awesome to have an app for the iPad where the picture of a vuvuzela is in the middle and everytime you press it, it makes the annoying buzzing sound.

The hubs thought it would be fun to wake me up using his little nifty vuvuzela app.

It is NOT fun waking up that horn noise after taking a nice relaxing nap!!  So, now I have to get him back when he's sleeping.  I'll let you know if I win that battle!


Unknown said...

Yuck! In my house that would be grounds for divorce! Or at least a few nights spent on the couch. :S

Hubs rented the Fifa Soccer video game and the first thing I asked him to do was see if he could turn the Vuvuzela sound OFF! Thankfully, he could!

JW said...

Maybe my husband and I are sick, or just totally immature, but we so want to get one of those things! Not the app, but the real deal. We were amazed when we saw a couple guys walking down the street blaring one. Despite being so far away and walking past a major highway, with a subway overpass above them, we still heard them loud and clear. We so want it.