Jul 8, 2010


What a weekend!  The hubs and I went away from Friday thru Tuesday for Fourth of July weekend.  We spent it at my best friends vacation home in PA up in the Poconos and boy did we have a good time.
A list of some of thing things that GROWN UP (the working full time; out of the college party stage grown up) people did.

  • Was welcomed with LOTS of liquor located on the counter, upstairs fridge, downstairs fridge AND the cooler outside on the deck
  • Consumed large amounts of alcohol.
  • Went to Camelbeach water park and when down water slides as we pushed the kids out of our way so we can reach the end of the line first
  • Drove to see fireworks and squeezed our cars in a two lane road that was converted into one lane because of all the illegal parking and made the trek through woods to find a good spot to sit on the golf course to get eaten alive by mosquitoes
  •  Hot Tub time!  Squeezed as many people into the hot tub, of course not forgetting our alcoholic drinks, and stuck out toes in the air while saying "Toesies!".  Well, one person did this over and over again and it didn't get old. We still cracked up.  (there might have possibly been "mooning" of a certain body part as well, possible.... I will neither confirm or deny)
  • Had a visit from the cops at 1am because we were being WAY too loud and giddy.  Cop felt bad for us because he knew it was a holiday weekend and EARLY for a Saturday night, but just asked us lower the noise.
  • Next day we decided to have a water balloon fight.  It somehow ended up guys against girls.  Girls won. We were so giddy and  determined that we started hiding bags of water balloons around the house so the guys thought that they had more ammo than us.  BEST. TIME. EVER.
  • Had even more alcohol and ate lots of hamburgers, hot dogs, rice, steak, and potato salad
Overall, we had a fab time!!!!!!!!!  Hope your weekend was fun.  

Oh yeah, if you want to have a really good time with friends during this hot weather that is a cheap activity to do, YOU MUST BUY WATER BALLOONS AND RUN AROUND LIKE YOU'RE 8 YRS OLD. SUPER FUN!  Your welcome for the idea. 

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Brittany said...

Can we become IRL bff's because that weekend sounds wayyy too fun!

I'll bring beer!

and super soakers!